Switching gears with the upcoming autumn season, we’re envisioning cable knit sweaters, breezy cobblestone streets, and sparks of creativity as we sharpen pencils and chase dreams.

And the sound of BOY adds in the perfect soundtrack for such imagination.

The BOY duo of ladies Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass have recently released their second album, “We Were Here,” and we can’t get enough of their inventive melodies, creative visuals, and all-around let’s just stay curled up journaling in a Parisian cafe  vibe. We’re sharing the video to their album’s title track and we invite you to give (them) a listen, below!

A note from Valeska and Sonja:

Each of the songs on the album tell a story of its own, and we hope that people can relate to the stories we tell. We are happy if the music we create provides comfort, joy or a new perspective on a situation.

Find more from BOY on their websiteiTunesTwitter and Facebook.

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Image via Debora Mittelstaedt

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