Here are four more ways to continue owning your attention and resisting distractions.

4. The Golden Rule Of Attention
This is the golden rule of attention: Interrupt Others as You’d Like to be Interrupted — which is never while you’re hard at work. Though we all like exchanging texts with loved ones, it often requires us to take off our work hats to put on relationship hats. It costs us time and confuses the mental “cues” we associate with our workspaces. Let your loved ones be fully present at work, then ask them to be fully present at home.

5. Fuel Your Focus
It turns out your teachers were right — at least when they told you to eat a good breakfast before tests. Our ability to properly focus takes a lot of mental energy. Protein in the morning will keeps our brains running far stronger for far longer.  So stop skipping the meal and begin to feed your focus. It’s hungry.

6. Be A Screen Saver
The surest way to miss out on life is to spend it staring at a screen. So save it for later. Become a screen-saver. Don’t renounce your phone permanently — set a time every night when you agree to only check your phone if you get a call or text … and you only respond if it’s a pressing issue. My wife and I have 7-9pm set, with alarms to remind us.

How do you protect your attention while at work and at home?

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  1. I definitely do!

    I nanny (a very low-key child), and since I don’t have an iPhone anymore I’m basically just checking for texts/answering them. it’s mostly my husband and being able to check in with him is nice and good, but I get the hat idea you mentioned. I go from nanny to wife mode and then sometimes have to convince myself to switch back to the nanny mindset.

    While I’m home in housewife mode, I allow my phone to always interrupt my work. If I stop long enough to reply to a text message or check something “real quick” on the internet, I find I’ve lost my intentionality, my purpose in taking care of my home and have to work to get that focus back.

    This is definitely something I need to work on because after this semester ends, I have decided to stop dreaming about writing and (finally!) just embrace BEING a writer. I can’t allow text messages and social media to inject itself constantly during my day as writer and wife.

    Great article! Great series. Definitely saving them all 🙂

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