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While researching places where we could go to see “Girl Rising,” we stumbled upon Gathr, a brand new service that allows movie-goers to bring films they want to see to venues in their neighborhoods. Gathr is unique because it provides viewers who want to see lesser-known films – take “Girl Rising” as an example – the opportunity not only to see the flicks they want but also to expose them to audiences in their communities. As Gathr’s website says, “It’s what we like to call TOD (Theater on Demand).” The catch is this: screenings can only happen if a minimum number of moviegoers reserve their tickets before a screening request’s time limit runs out.

So how, exactly, does Gathr work? Here’s what you need to do:

First, search for the film that you’re looking for on Gathr’s website. Once you’ve located the screening page for your movie, select the theater nearest you where you’d like to see the film.

Next, reserve or buy your ticket. There are two types of situations on Gathr’s website: those films where the screening hasn’t yet met its minimum reservations required, and those films that have. For the former, reserve your ticket—prices are usually $10 per ticket, which is less than a feature film ticket that goes for $3 or $4 more apiece. If the screening doesn’t meet the minimum (you’ll see the deadline clock ticking away on the movie’s page), your credit card won’t be charged. For films whose ticket reservations have already been met, you’ll get a GreenLight notice, which means that you can buy your tickets outright—the screening is going to happen for sure, and your credit card will be charged immediately.

So why is this service so cool, other than for the fact that it allows movie-goers to see films that they might not have the chance to see otherwise? It also provides a way for people to bring films to their communities. People—whether they’re individuals, families, social groups, or clubs—can request screenings by just filling out a bit of information. From there, they can promote the film by crazy—by printing fliers, utilizing social media, and contacting members of their community, they can be agents of change in ensuring that the film is shown.

If you’re interested in having a movie shown in your community, head to the Films section of Gathr’s website, and then select “Request a New Screening.” Fill in the details for the event and Gathr will contact you to help you arrange your screening. It’s as easy as that.

This is an incredibly innovative and cost-effective way for champions of social causes to spread the word about their work – and, more simply, for movie-goers to see more of the films they’d like to see. Check out Gathr today, and consider bringing a new movie to your community.

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