Oh, what a privilege to watch a star-spangled parade
At the golden-sunrise daybreak with a glass of lemonade
I do believe today’s the day to take back up our cause:
To live and love with honor and to find the time to pause

The mid-day heat is blazing and our thoughts turn introspective
We dip our worries breathless and emerge with fresh perspective:
Life has some seeds, but that, you see, is part of all the fun
To see who can spit them farthest and laugh when day is done

The sticky night all glowing and the ice cream melting fast
When suddenly it dawns on me:  the year is half gone past
How very blessed we are to receive a second New Year’s Eve
And now it’s time to go and do instead of make-believe

Give me a Main Street morning, an apple pie afternoon
A warm July night with the moon alight and the stars joined in by more
Summer’s here and all is well from shore to midnight shore
Red, white, blue, brave and true for a bright tomorrow

Images via Bethany Small Photography



  1. A beautiful day to consider how far we’ve come and how much farther we want to go. Love the new perspective you brought through this Independence Day poem.

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