A Note From The Editor: Ever wish you could be one of those vintage shoppers who manages to turn nothing into … something? We hear you, and that’s why we’re beginning a new series, Thrifted Genius! We’ve partnered with DIY queen Miss Kris to present how you can easily turn thrift store scores into beautiful adornments for your studio, apartment, home, dorm and more!


A morning spent at the thrift store can yield an afternoon of creativity and craftiness. With a few simple steps you can transforming a thrifted $3 copper frame into a hanging succulent work of art.


Succulent Wall Art DIY
You’ll Need:
Thrifted Frame
Industrial Glue
Chicken Wire + Cutters
Succulents (these provided by Rolling Greens Nursery)

IMG_3306 (2)

Remove the glass and stuffing from the shadowbox. Like the inside of your shadowbox with plastic.

IMG_3312 (1)

Add succulent soil to the inside of your shadowbox.

IMG_3322 (1)

Cover the soil with moss.

IMG_3330 (1)

Staple chicken wire to the top of your shadowbox, covering the soil and moss combination.

IMG_3331 - Version 2

Use industrial glue to attach your thrifted frame to your shadowbox.

IMG_3346 (1)IMG_3352 (1)

Add your succulents to your frame, poking the roots through the wire.

IMG_3467 (1)

Add additional moss to fill in the holes between the succulents, spray with water and enjoy!

Images via Kristen Turner



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