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We’re all artists in our own way. Sometimes, we just need some help getting in the zone, especially living amidst so much distraction, noise, and technology. We’ve recently discovered Sonia Mandeville, of So Sonia on YouTube, and are smitten. She’s not your average vlogger. She’s a 17-year-old creative filmmaker, writer, and visual artist from Jakarta, Indonesia who travels the world to gain inspiration for her art.

In fact, this is what Rainn Wilson, beloved actor and founder of SoulPancake, had to say about her when we asked …

“I love love love love her stuff … Sonia has a creative process that’s unmatched by most professional creators. She refuses the rules and lets the audience of her videos in on her journey of self-discovery. She paints the walls of her bedroom, she sits on her rooftop playing her ukulele, and she finds a comfort in the absolute chaos of Jakarta – letting us see how these little moments inspire her is what makes her content addicting. So often, we are only presented with the ‘end result’ of filmmakers, which is incredible to see, but the process of getting to the end is the real journey that we should see more often. Sonia is unashamed by her struggles, and unaffected by the critics, she’s just here to take our hand, and show us that she really is so Sonia.” – Rainn Wilson

And what does Sonia think about art and anyone’s ability to make it?

Art is something that can be infused into your lifestyle opposed to art just being someone sitting in front of a canvas with a paint brush in hand. Art comes in endless amount of forms that can simply enrich your life. To me, creativity is more then a part  of my personality, but is what fuels me to keep living. Creativity is an exciting perspective. Like viewing your everyday life from a different coloured lens. There are no rules to creativity and most likely you, yourself, are a creative person, you just have not noticed all the different forms of art in your life already. If you are feeling a lack of happiness, think of creativity as being medicine. As I said before, though it may be intimidating and feel otherwise, creativity has no rules. So take your paint brush — which may be built out of anything — and your canvas being the time and your day and get creative! You never know till you try.

Find more from Sonia on SoulPancake’s Facebook and YouTube.

What about you? How do you like to express your creativity?

Image via Monica Outcalt

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  1. Super inspiring video! And she is only 17 years old?!?! Say what?!?! I’m now a fan of her and will be checking out more of her videos. Thanks for featuring her Darling Magazine! I’m super inspired and reminded about the different strategies that can be used to get out of a creative rut. I love receiving inspiration from someone younger than me. Great posting! xoxo

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