A woman seated on the floor with her journal and pen in front of her

I take this moment to honor you.
A vagabond-spirited and passionate individual in the journey of discovering.
You are a warrior of collective battles.
Your scars leave a reminder of your ever-growing strength, grace and beauty.
You are learning your pleasures and aversions
Through trial and error, on your own principles. 

I take this moment to honor your explorations.
Inquisitive and uncertain.
Seeking out new adventures to find yourself.
Managing anxiety and self-doubt to unlock the confidence within.
There is no rush or deadline.
Take all the time you need.
You will thrive and grow delightfully
In all the twists and turns that may lead you further into ambiguity
Yet, you never stray from your core being. 

I take this moment to honor your story.
You have full control over your narrative.
To write, rewrite and edit as freely as you choose.
To craft the plot, characters and resolution in your point of view.
You stay firm in the chaos of others’ opinions and reviews.
I take this moment to thank you.
For going at your own pace.
For figuring it out and embracing every moment.
You, my friend, are beyond worthy in all of your becoming. 

What aspect of your life are you figuring out? How are you creating your story on your own terms? 

Image via Frank Terry, Darling Issue No. 15


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