A woman standing with one arm in the air as she faces the building

I dedicate this to you.

I see you.

A fierce woman in the process of becoming.

You have walked through fires.

Yet, you have come out refined, not destroyed.

You have learned to define yourself

On your terms, not by others’ standards.


I dedicate this to younger you.

More timid and unsure.

Stumbling to find her way.

Shedding layers of insecurity like skin.

Give it time and you will bloom

Into a woman who stands

Firm on her own two feet and

Who can bare the weight of heavy things but

Who also knows she does not have to.


I dedicate this to girls and women everywhere

Who do not have a voice

Who have had their voices taken from them

Who choose to speak even if their voice shakes

Even if it trembles.

I see you.


You are a work of art.

Still in process and what a beautiful process it is.

You have a voice that needs to be heard.

You have a story that needs to be told.

Invaluable, that’s what you are.


What areas of your life are you still growing in? How have you learned to cultivate your voice?

Image via Vivi Carrasco


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