The key to packing success is strategic shoe packing. But, if you’re like me, you always want to bring your newest and cutest shoes and you want to bring way more than you can realistically wear on a trip.

I’m the girl who has been known to bring seven pairs of shoes to a weekend getaway. Yet without fail, those newest and cutest pairs prove to be the most uncomfortable and impractical. Then, after a long day of walking and blisters, I try to remind myself to be smarter the next time. So, this list is for all of you shoe-loving travelers out there like me, and for future-me, on our next trip.

Here are my five favorite travel shoes:

5. Converse Hi Tops 
What I love about these is that they look cute without looking too much like your typical tourist in tennies. They go with the widest range of outfits imaginable – from shorts and a tee to a striped dress. Kat’s worn them in Ireland and I wore them all over Paris + New York City. These shoes have probably seen the most wear on our blog AND in real life. The only thing I would add is to make sure you’ve properly broken them in before you wear them for a full day out. They can take some time to get nice and comfy.

4. Mossimo Ankle Strap Sandals 
These are the most comfortable sandals straight outta the box! I wore these ALL over Tokyo and Bali this year – perfect for when it’s so hot and humid you just cannot imagine putting real shoes on your feet. I love that the black and cognac are versatile enough to pair with every outfit. They go great with boyfriend jeans or a summer dress. I bought another pair to keep in my closet for when I inevitably run these ones into the ground. The only downside is that they don’t have any arch support.


3. New Balance 
It was like the stars aligned that J.Crew brought back New Balance shoes for women the year I got pregnant and had a baby. Mom shoes became cool again! These are, hands down, the best shoes for walking all over a city, especially when you have some serious shopping to do.

2. Birkenstocks 
I mean, there’s a good reason that people have been wearing them all around the world for as long as … wait, I have no idea how long. But still. These are sandals are great. I have three pairs now and here’s what I can tell you: they do need a bit of time to mold to your feet. I have three different strap styles and the original is still the most comfortable. The best investment is to go for the all leather version, as those will last you the longest as opposed to some of the synthetic strap versions.

1. Bass Clementine Sandals  
These are the shoes that have truly gone the distance with me. To Southeast Asia – to Paris – to Sea Island, Georgia. These sandals are not only comfortable, supportive, and cute, but they are a steal when you consider how long a pair will last you. They look stylish with cutoff jean shorts, a skirt and button down, or some skinny jeans. If I was only going to bring one pair of shoes with me on a two week trip and I was going to be walking around, going to the beach, and going out to dinner, these little beauties could do it all.

When choosing the best pair for your travels, remember the two most important things are: how comfortable they are (sore feet ruin vacations!) and how well a pair transitions from day to night and casual to dressy. The best travel shoes I have found are both comfortable to wear and come in neutral hues. It was really tough to narrow down my top five and even now I keep thinking, maybe I missed a pair? Honorable mention goes to the Sperry Top-Siders, who have been with me through thick and thin. My guy even climbed the Alps in his!

I won’t tell you what shoes I wore for that fateful adventure … since they weren’t the best choice.

What are your favorite travel shoes? 

Images via Kat Harris


  1. I purchased the first version of those Mossmio sandals one summer, wore them to death throughout Latin America, and was happily surprised to see them come out again in different colors the following June! Such a great pair, maybe Target will release them again this year! Thanks for the article!

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