Most commonly made of pine gathered and fastened in a ring, the wreath has a history of symbolizing strength, as the evergreen lasts through even the harshest of winters. When we make this wreath and pass by it over the course of the season, may we be reminded to stand strong like the evergreen—living our lives as women of strength and dignity this winter season.

What you’ll need:
Wreath base
Burlap, fabric, or brown paper bags
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Ribbon or lace (about 2 ft for hanging your wreath)

What you’ll do:
Step 1 Using your scissors, cut out leaf shapes from your burlap (or from your brown paper bags or fabric if this is the material you chose for your wreath). The leaf shapes can range from 1″-3″ and should be more oblong in shape. The size and thickness of your wreath base will determine the amount of burlap or fabric leaves that you need.

Step 2 Starting on the outer part of the wreath base, hot glue a leaf shaped piece in place. Secure your burlap with a pea sized amount from your glue gun. As you glue and layer on more “leaves”, they will stay securely in place. Repeat this step, glueing leaves onto the outer part of your wreath, and slightly overlapping the fabric pieces as you glue each piece.

Step 3 Begin layering on more pieces. Glue your “leaves” working from the outer part of the wreath base to the inner part. Focus on small sections at a time. Layer the fabric pieces gradually so that a portion of the leaves under each new piece peeks through for texture. Continue this around the entire wreath base.

Step 4 Once your wreath base if fully covered with your fabric leaves, add a bit more texture to the inner part of the wreath and any areas that may seem bare. Take a fabric piece and hot glue a pea sized amount directly in the middle of the oblong shape. Fold up the bottom of the fabric and press the it to the glue so that the bottom edge is just below the top edge of the “leaf.” You will have a folded leaf shape that you then can glue to the inner portion of the wreath, adding a bit more texture. Add as many as needed to look full and complete.

Step 5 Glue the additional folded leaves that you made in Step 4 to areas on your wreath that may seem bare. This will help add fullness and more texture to your wreath.

Step 6 Snip your ribbon or lace to a length that is perfect for hanging your wreath. Loop the material around the top of your wreath. Find the perfect place in your home to hang it, or wrap your wreath up as a gift for a dear friend!

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