Eyewear, without a doubt, is the ultimate accessory. Slipping on a perfect fitting pair of frames can be a transformative experience. The right specs will instantly change up your look, highlight specific features and bring about clearer vision all at once. However, finding the frames that were made just for you can be quite a challenge.

As the resident stylist at Rivet & Sway, an online eyewear boutique exclusively for women, I help ladies take the guesswork out of finding the perfect frame. I’ve complied my top tips—sizing strategy, principals of opposing forces —for finding your flawless look. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re shopping for specs to find frames that you’ll love to slip on and keep on throughout the day.

Size Matters

It’s true ladies, determining the size of your face, whether it’s narrow, medium or wide, is an essential step to finding your ideal frame. Here’s what to look for when searching for your perfect fit:

  • Face Width—This will determine your frame size. When trying on frames look to see if the frame spans the width of your face. If it extends past the edge of your face, it’s most likely too wide. Not enough coverage from the frame? It’s probably too narrow. Please note: frame size is not correlated at all with body size. You can be a petite person and still have a wide face.
  • Bridge Sizing — If the frame you try has a bridge that is too narrow for your nose, the frame will rest awkwardly (often too high) on your face. It may also pinch or leave an impression or red mark if it’s too tight. If the bridge is too wide, the frame will likely rest too low and your eyes will not be centered within the frame lens.
  • Centered Eyes— Make sure that your eyes are centered in the frame. This is important both aesthetically and functionally. Your eyes must be centered for your prescription to be effective. It’s not a deal breaker if your eyes aren’t perfectly centered when you first try on the frame. There are easy adjustments that can be made to the frame to make sure that your eyes are centered.

Face Shapes are Overrated: Let’s Talk Dominate Geometry

When shopping online for frames, you can find a slew of information about face shapes and usually “finding your face shape” is touted as the most helpful tool for finding your perfect frames. The challenge is that most of us don’t fit into exact face shape categories. We’re hybrids, so trying to decide if you’re an oval or a heart can be a confusing exercise. You might have elements of both.

What’s more, what I’ve learned as resident stylist is that knowing your face shape is not the missing link to helping you find your perfect frame. In fact, putting yourself in the wrong face shape box can lead you astray and send you towards styles that are the opposite of what you need. Try this approach instead:

  • Opposites Attract—Look in the mirror and honestly assess if your defining features are more angular (sharper) or round (softer). Neither one is better nor worse and both come with their own alluring charm. Stunning Emma Stone most definitely has more dominant rounded features, while Keira Knightly is more angular. Both ladies are gorgeous in their own right. The key with assessing which category you fall into is to pay attention to your most dominant features. If you’re both angular and rounded (which is very common), decide which feature is more dominant; that is the category you fall into. Once you’ve defined your dominant geometry, here’s the pearl of wisdom: choose frames in a contrasting shape. It’s seriously that easy.
  • Rounded Face Shape—Circles and some oval face shapes fall into this category. Go for angular frames (squares and rectangles) that will balance your softer features and provide a pretty contrast.
  • Angular Face ShapeHearts and squares fall into this category. You can balance and soften more angular (sharper) features with rounded frames.
  • If your features are balanced—If your features are not dominantly rounded or angular, go crazy! (This is common for many ovals). Both angular and curvy frames will look stunning on you, so have fun and experiment with how different frame shapes can instantly change up your look.

Last but not least, remember that finding the perfect fit may not always be easy, but it is always worth it. The final key to finding your perfect frames is to have fun, reinvent often and approach eyewear like the ultimate accessory it is!

Stay tuned for more eyewear tips from Rivet & Sway to come in the new year. They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Image courtesy of Rivet & Sway


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