An upclose photo of a car on a European road with the rear facing the camera


Let’s go on an adventure
With our suitcases half-packed,
Leaving just enough room for keepsakes
And the shiny baubles that catch our eyes.

Let’s consume creamy carbonara spaghetti,
Decadent tastes that leave us at the pinnacle of pleasure,
And then stay up into the early morning
To manifest our dreams.

In Capernaum, we would stand in awe and admire
History so deep it seeps into our bones.
The urge to plunge into unfamiliarity so unnerving
That we discover our expanding boundaries. 

In all the freshness and novelty,
I can’t help but feel the pressure
To take the perfect photo,
To chase golden hour for proper lighting,
To candidly smile at the click of the shutter.

But what if we found the greatest pleasure
In soaking in the present
By filling our lungs with sweet oxygen
And rejoicing with gratitude?

Not from the photos
That permanently freeze time to a single moment,
But from the residual laugh wrinkles on our faces,
The phone numbers that overflow our contact list,
The memories that replay in your mind,
The lifelong friendships we have forged. 

Where in the world would you like to travel to? How do you imagine your next trip? 

Image via Coco Tran, Darling Issue No. 19

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