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Have you ever tried the lavender dryer packets from Trader Joe’s? They’re amazing! I’m also obsessed with Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day’s Lavender laundry detergent. Pulling your clothes out of the closet and having them smell like lavender is such a treat. It’s immediately relaxing, and so much better than smelling like “Green Apple” or some other laboratory driven scent – yuck.

I did a sniff comparison test of these DIY rosemary and lavender sachets against the TJ’s dryer packets, not expecting to smell much of a difference, but I was very surprised by what my sniffer found. The smell of the DIY sachets was much stronger, and much more pleasant than the store bought dryer packets.

DIY rosemary and lavender sachets are a great way to use up dried lavender or herbs from last year’s garden. If you’re not much of a gardener, yet still enjoy the lovely scent of rosemary and lavender, you can purchase already dried herbs, ready for use.

If you’ve been wondering how to dry herbs, it’s quite simple! Trim branches of the rosemary, and stems of the lavender leaving about 6 inches of stem/branch. Then bundle them up into small bouquets and tie with twine. Leave about a foot long tail of twine, and hang them upside down to dry, the same way you hung up the roses your ninth grade valentine gave you.

An Easy, Chemical-Free Way to Keep Your Clothes Fresh | DARLING

The freshly dried herbs in these DIY sachets will add a bit of luxury to your drawers, and are a natural way to keep your clothes smelling fresh. They are simple to make and can be paired with a homemade chai masala or rose petal scrub for a great gift.

DIY Dried Herb Sachets


1 yard 100% linen fabric
Straight Pins
Dried Lavender
Dried Rosemary
Sewing machine & thread
Serger (alternate option in step 2)


Step 1: Cut an even number of squares of linen measuring 6×6″. You will need two squares per sachet.

Step 2: Finish the edges of linen squares with a serger; I used navy thread for a contrast of colors. If you do not have a serger, use a tight zig-zag stitch with your sewing machine.

laundry DIY

Step 3: Place a handful of dried herbs in the center of a linen square. Then place a second square over it, sandwiching the herbs between the two squares.

Step 4: Use more straight pins than you normally would to secure the ‘herb sandwich’ together. I pinned about an inch in from the edge of the linen squares.

laundry diy herbs

Step 5: Straight stitch along the pin line, leaving about a 1” edge around the square. Voila! Your herb sachets are ready to be used or given!

I hope you enjoy making these, a modern take on something your grandmother probably made when she was younger. For more sewing projects and wholesome recipe, visit Boxwood Avenue.

Images via Rachel L’Antigua Photography 



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    1. Hi Marie – nope, they sure don’t! I used a bit of a tight stitch though. If you were worried about it, you could do a double seam 🙂

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