With colder months ahead it’s only natural to start hoarding our belongings and stockpile what we deem necessities. It’s a season of safekeeping, bundling, and holding close. But, as I recently packed my life into boxes to move across town, I couldn’t help but notice the relief accompanied with letting go.

Do the hearts we carry mirror the spaces we keep? Does clutter inspire confusion, does litter lead to stress, and can junk evoke rigidity?


We are the people, places and things we surround ourselves with. So, shouldn’t we be choosing those things wisely? Beginning a tighter, 600-square-foot journey has forced me to sift through my jam-packed drawers and perhaps over-decorated corners … as well as reevaluate my priorities.

However, it doesn’t take a new lease to renew one’s sense of self.

Behind old receipts and my collection of half-used shampoo bottles, I stumbled upon discarded to-do’s and piled intentions. In the must-have arm chair that nobody ever sat in was my hope to write everyday. Etched between the words of the “Love is the key to happiness” sign was the monthly date night we kept forgetting to go on.

What use is material merchandise without productivity, action or memories made? Can the physical accessories we indulge in be harmful to our lust for living? Can these be an accumulation of misunderstandings that convince us we’re embracing the right messages? Or are we just putting up a front, enough to at least appear like we’re embodying a substantial existence?

Imagine what we could make room for if we purged some of our possessions and placed emphasis on pursuing the intangible.

Expired coupons, dozens of dried-out pens, all the odds and ends we keep for when we might need it later — just incase — can distract us from living the lives of intention and purpose we’ve always imagined.

Let’s not allow those stacked recipe books we intended to cook from become the dinners we never made time for. Let’s not let the wall art reminding us to “seize opportunities when they reveal themselves” or “be the change you wish to see in the world” become mere sentences we ignore on our way to another shopping spree. Let’s aim to keep those pricey throw pillows from becoming cozy nights in we failed to create.

Let’s downsize where we dwell and make room for our dreams.

What’s one area in your home that you can make time to downsize?

Image via Chelsie Autumn



  1. This article is right on time. I too will be downsizing and and I’m feeling like it’s the right decision. Downsizing my living space will allow me to save more money to buy a house of my own someday, to go on more vacations, and to buy the more important things that I want in life. 🙂 I must say though, it’s a work in progress on it’s own to let things go and get rid of things. I try to edit, edit, and edit some more!

  2. Love this! Three months ago my partner and I sold most of our belongings, packed up our home and set off travelling together. I don’t even miss most of what we no longer own, everything I need is in my backpack and right by my side. We can be happy with so much less than we think. I agree that having less makes it a lot simpler to shift our focus to actually living, creating and making memories. I know that has been true for me 🙂

  3. Love this article & completely agree with every statement!

    I think there is a typo in the main quote? Should be pursuing instead of pursing?

    Thanks for the lovely article 🙂

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