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Basic glass vessels get a fresh update with the help of a little metallic paint. Use in the current spring season to display flowers and greens, then repurpose them in the cooler months to hold candles, pine and bare branches. These vases are proof that the Midas touch never really goes out of style.

Metallic Dipped Vases

Clean glass vases (we used these from Koyal Wholesale, but you can experiment with any glass vase that you want to update.)
Paint brush
Washi tape
All-purpose metallic paint (we used these.)

Wash and dry your bud vase, completely removing stickers and smudges. Wrap your washi tape around the base to create a border wherever you’d like the paint to stop. (You can make a solid base, or even create stripes going all the way up to the mouth.) Turn the vase upside down—so the mouth is facing your work surface—and brush a layer of paint over the bottom working your way up to the washi. Let the coat dry completely, then apply another, until you are satisfied with its opacity. When the paint has dried completely on the glass (overnight), peel the washi tape off to reveal your newly gilded, dip-dyed vase. 

Image and styling via Roopika Malhotra



  1. Love this look! However, when I clicked on the Michael’s link it indicated ‘page not found’…wondering what kind of paint was used! Thanks!!

  2. I’m hosting a craft night for friends this week just because I wanted to do this! I have a bottle collection that could use some color and what better way to get it done than with friends? Thanks for this sweet idea!

  3. Such a great way to personalize a plain vase.

    Actually it would be a nice to give for Mother day with fresh flowers! It different and looks so chic.

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