Have you ever received a compliment that changed your life? We want to give you the chance to speak truth into the lives of those you love through our new campaign, #DarlingYou. We gathered women from our community for a meaningful day on camera in downtown LA to capture compliments to kick this off and were so moved by the power of the depth of encouragement.

Here’s how you join in:

1. Watch the official #DarlingYou video.

2. Think of a person you want to compliment & begin the statement with “Darling, You.”

3. Post a video to your IG story, tag your friend, and tag us (plus, use #DarlingYou).

When you share, you AND the friend you’ve complimented will be entered to win a year-long Darling Magazine subscription—3 “compliment” pairs will be chosen (entry deadline is Valentine’s Day).

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