As you think about the year ahead, we wanted to get personal and share some of the Darling team’s own resolutions just in case you need any ideas or wanted to get to know us a little better. And also, primarily so we stand just a bit better chance of actually keeping them. [Smile.]

Share yours together with us in the comments. Happy New Year!

Alli, Executive Assistant

My new year’s resolution is to focus on self-care every single day — body and mind.

Cassidy, Visual Media Manager

My new year’s resolution is to seek emotional equanimity by choosing to be mindful in the present. Not dwelling on the past or the future, but rather connecting with myself in the “now” will help me to do this.

Ziza, Director of Digital Content

I want to listen more. To take longer pauses — mentally, spiritually, relationally — and let there be more space in my life before immediately “jumping in.” I hope it’ll make me a better wife, friend, writer, worker, woman.

Val, E-Commerce Coordinator

This year, I aim to read more. I will start and finish a new book every two weeks!

Jess, SVP & General Manager

2018 is my year to truly be me and not care who is watching or judging. Also, I fully intend to prove my 2018 horoscope wrong.

Melanie, Executive Assistant

In 2018, I hope to grow hope! I want to explore unexpected places in full and find new creativity in the coming year.

Rebekah, Photo Editor

1. Practice speaking kindness and eliminating negative speech
2. Practice active listening
3. Teach my son to pray

Teresa, Managing Editor

My new year’s resolution is to incorporate 3-5 more plant-based meals per week and, on that topic, reading one book a month around conscious, healthy eating patterns.

Sarah, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

I am seeking to take more time for myself to engage in creative activities such as writing poetry and short stories or painting with watercolor. I want to create a space for myself to just enjoy my own unique creativity apart from a work project.

What’s yours?

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  1. “I quit choosing a word for the year,” my friend said. “I had ease one year and I don’t recall a moment of it. Then I had rising, and I didn’t rise.” So that does it for New Year’s resolutions.
    And yet. I could start a new binge on some serial or insta pics, but the heart wants what it wants. Wisdom. Direction. Reassurance. Resolutions.
    Do I actually wish for anything? Yes, I wish to graduate to a place where I book clients in advance and plan my work week like any other. I wish for a writing Monday where I get 500 words out of me no matter what. I wish for mornings where morning pages, yoga, mediation, breathing and a cold shower are a thing. (Do I? That sounds so terribly universal soldier of Ananda. Am I that? Full confession: I get a few of those out of me on rotation, let’s say two, three on a really good day. Zero on others). I wish for good, pill free sleep. I wish for a park nearby and a dog sometimes. I wish for my children’s book to be out on the page. It’s been lazing around too much, losing it oomph. I wish for surprise, long chats with my friends. And I also wish for the kick of figuring out crisp, perfectly punched lines. I am such a sucker for those. I wish for whatever stories are lurking my inner corridors to get on the page and make new friends. I wish for my hip bones not to hurt and my back to find length. I wish for fresh, pink flowers now and then, and perfectly creamy eggs and guac. I wish for wonder, grace and love.

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