Imagine an entire floor of Bloomingdale’s sectioned off for an event. Now imagine hundreds of people of all ages, from Photo Editor Rebekah’s little Miles to parents and grandparents, flowing in and out. Everyone smiles and laughs as they make new acquaintances or catch up with old friends. The floor is filled with treats, art and music, which creates the most pleasant and melodic buzz of any party. Can you picture it? Good, because that was the warm setting of the Darling Issue No. 19 Release Party to celebrate “The Magic of Youth.”

A Darling Recap: Our Bloomingdale's Launch PartyA Darling Recap: Our Bloomingdale's Launch Party

As guests walked up the escalator of Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, Darling interns welcomed everyone with a smile and wristband. DJ Casey Connor mixed fun songs and set the tone for the entire night as FIDM illustrator Duston Jasso attracted an impressively long line of people waiting to pose for a fashion illustration of themselves. Along with illustrations, guests posed at the Gold Frame Photo Booth for a digital flipbook to remember the night by.


Sweet E’s Bake Shop provided yummy treats that were too good not to have two and Perfect Bar supplied superfood snacks for fuel as guests shopped and celebrated. Near Duston, Parpala Jewelry showed off elegant pieces in an exclusive trunk show as guests oohed and ahhed. Away from a bit of the crowd sat Sonix and their wheel of prizes along with fun phone cases and other cool items for sale – free stickers anyone?

A Darling Recap: Our Bloomingdale's Launch PartyA Darling Recap: Our Bloomingdale's Launch Party

During the party, DJ Casey introduced Darling Editor in Chief and CEO Sarah Dubbeldam who talked a bit about Issue 19 and introduced #TheDarlingTeam. Sarah also thanked Maggie Faigen and Hallie Freeman who produced the entire event at Bloomingdale’s with grace and poise. Natalie Hemmati, Darling’s fashion editor, offered personal styling tips while Darling alumna Mercedes Curran helped guests match their skin tones with appropriate colors for clothing, hair and makeup.

All in all, the Issue 19 Release Party was an opportunity for the Darling team to prove their kindness and warmth as they mingled with readers, friends and admirers in a personable environment. Fun activities intertwined with intentional connections and as guests left, they were some of the first to pick up the latest issue – between you and I, this is probably the most stunning one yet!

A Darling Recap: Our Bloomingdale's Launch Party

Special Thanks to:

Bloomingdale’s at The Beverly Center
DJ Casey Connor
FIDM Illustrator Duston Jasso
Sweet E’s Bake Shop
Gold Frame Photo Booth
Parpala Jewelry
Perfect Bar
…and our AMAZING interns!

The night wouldn’t have been possible without any of the above!

And a few of our adorable guests…

Photos by Tchaizel Ambion

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