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The Darling office, located just north of downtown Los Angeles, is awesome. However, if we’re being honest, we need to admit that it could also use a bit of TLC. We’re a tiny, hands-on team, which means that most days you’ll find us sitting in mismatched office chairs behind boxes of magazines, shipping supplies, leftover photo-shoot props, and whatever else happens to find its way through our door. Cozy, creative chaos, one could say.

Yet, with the new year now in full swing, we’ve made it a goal to slowly start prioritizing an office makeover, beginning with a place that serves both ourselves and office visitors alike: the powder room. We looked to Target for a few key pieces to help refresh the space, and weren’t disappointed.

Read on below to see how we made an otherwise plain room just a little more, Darling.

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Simple, but with a lot of empty space. We love the clean tile and overhead skylight, however, it just felt a little too cold and sterile for what we ultimately wanted. (Side note: we’ll spare you a photo of the toilet just behind this viewpoint and is nothing insanely special.)

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After making a few rearrangements, getting rid of the deteriorating succulents (sorry, little guys) and adding in some lighting and color elements, here’s where we are now:

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We incorporated textiles by way of the rug and hand towels, as well as added life with the potted plant and an “old-school” Pinterest board full of relaxing, awe-inspiring images. These helped to fill the blank space above and near the sink while balancing out the white.

(Also, the plant is fake! So no one has to remember to water it, meaning it will forever look that good.)

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Lastly, we strung these adorable, softly-hued bulbs around the mirror where we had gathered a small tray of toiletries (like mints, lotion & dry shampoo to name a few), should any of our visitors need a mini-refresh themselves.

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Ta-da! One room down. Countless other nooks, crannies and corners to go.

Rug | Hand Towels | Soap Dispenser | Clear Canister | String Lights | Potted Plant | Room Diffuser

Images via Morgan Ashley Photography


  1. Ali Chanit’s not about minebut thank you anwyay^^@unkownI believe revenge is a sweet thing in different waywe don’t need to terror them or somethingbut do it mentally, make them regret^^

  2. Really pretty, and inspiring! I particularly like how you showed how to keep all your existing fixtures and fittings and give them new life with a few thoughtful items. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Michelle! It’s from Target! Linked under ‘potted plant’ at the bottom of the post:)

  3. I would love to know where those arrows are from? (and are they chopsticks, pens, or just decorative). I did competitive archery for 13 years, and while I stopped a few years ago, I would love to have those in my office as a reminder.

    1. Hi Amy! They are actually from a company we featured in Darling Issue No. 4 — search “Fletcher and Fox” on Etsy:)

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