We’ve partnered with one of our favorite hairstylists, Sara Gasparotto, to bring you a new DIY series called Darling Locks! This collection of quick tutorials will be a simple way to learn how to infuse a bit more creativity into your morning routine with different updos and easy styling tips.

Move over top knot, your days are numbered.

Braided Updo

How to:
1) Part hair down the middle and across from ear to ear.
2) Braid or french braid the two front sections and secure each with a hair tie.
3) Divide the back into three sections and braid each one securing with a hair tie. Slightly pull and loosen the braids for a softer look.
4) Form each back braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

5) Pull back the front braids and pin the ends underneath the braided buns.

Hair styling by Sara Gasparotto; Video editing by Janelle Perusi


  1. beautiful. I need to know where to get the super cute leopard hair clips she used 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous hair do! I might try this on my friends for an upcoming wedding.
    Plus, the model herself is gorgeous, so that always helps 🙂 She looks just like my sister. So pretty! Love the lipstick.

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