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I know you’ve heard it time and time againhealing isn’t linear. This doesn’t apply to just physical healing. This applies to mental and emotional healing as well. Most of us would like to package our “stuff” in a nice little bow with a tag that says “healed,” and never visit it again. If only it worked that way! 

I’ve found that healing for me happens in stages. Some of the stages I find myself revisiting after I feel like I’ve already passed them. With that, often comes major disappointment, but I try not to stay in that place for too long. I allow myself to feel frustrated, sad, angry or whatever I need to feel. I remind myself that setbacks and healing basically go hand-in-hand. 

I remind myself that setbacks and healing basically go hand-in-hand. 

I speak positively to myselfto my body that has carried me through more than it ever should have been able to, to my mind that is thankfully still sound and to my heart that is still soft even though everything the world has thrown at me could have turned it into stone. 

Wherever you are in your healing journey today, I hope you’re able to give yourself grace when you stumble or take steps backward. You’re doing the best that you can.

Healing is a process. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Jenneh Rishe, the Darling Family

What physical, mental or emotional healing are you in the process of walking through? How can you show yourself grace in a practical way today?

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