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A simple definition of a complicated word: metamorphosis means total transformation.

From seed to flower, caterpillar to butterfly, fearful girl to confident woman, transformation oftentimes takes place underneath the surface or in the darkness. Growth is rarely perceptible and is often obscured. But sure enough, change is rapidly unfurlingperhaps unknown even to the recipient of the change. 

Growth is rarely perceptible and is often obscured.

In my own life, I have learned that change often happens in the dark. Like the caterpillar furled in its cocoon or the seed buried beneath the soil, I have felt hidden and obscured throughout the last couple of years. I have been confused about my future. I have been disappointed in others and in myself. 

Yet, change has taken place. Having now reached the other side of a season of confusion and obscurity, I am beginning to experience the first fruits of a season of growth. While my external circumstances haven’t changed much, my inner world has changed, and the result is an entirely new version of myself.

I have learned that change often happens in the dark.

As spring marks a new season and visible change becomes evident in the natural world, let us remember that true transformation often takes place in the darkness. In difficult circumstances, we are changed in the most profound ways: in how we see the world, in how we perceive our lives and in our ability to carry on and continue in strength no matter what the future holds.

With love,
Kelsey Yarnell, the Darling family

How have you navigated those seasons of “growing in the dark”? Do you think transformation is still beautiful when it is unseen? Why or why not?

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