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Sometimes, a season of waiting can last much longer than we’d like. Delayed gratification and lack of noticeable progress can cause us to dismiss the significance of this sacred time. 

In the space where hope is deferred, heartache and doubt can take root. Disappointment may sneakily settle into the background of our days like white noise. Our joy might feel as if it hinges on a certain outcome, far outside our reach.

Here, however, in the thick of the wilderness, faith is tested and character is shaped. Like a river weathers a canyon, the discomfort of waiting teaches us forbearance, endurance and patiencethree important attributes of love.

The discomfort of waiting teaches us forbearance, endurance and patience.

While we cling to hope in anticipation of what will be, it’s possibleessential, evento find contentment in what is. We must learn to let go of our timeline, perceived expectations and self-criticism. From there, we can simply ask: How can I steward my time well today, as if the things I hope for are already here?

For what is meant for us is ours already. Striving will not speed up the process, but it may rob us of the satisfaction today holds.

It takes courage to wait well. Before we know it, the next season will be upon us with its unexpected surprises and unique challenges, and we will likely look back in gratitude for the time we had to prepare, anticipate and become.

It takes courage to wait well.

With love,
Jennifer Callahan, the Darling family

What is something you are waiting on or anticipating? What would contentment look like for you this season?

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