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The little black dress. The perfect white tee. And a good pair of jeans.

Your wardrobe can’t get any more classic than it does with denim. It’s the fabric that dresses up just as easily as it breaks in, leaving you with an ever-ready outfit choice you don’t have to think twice about.

Maybe that’s why Target recently decided to update their denim line, releasing a brand new collection containing everything from vests and overalls to joggers and jeggings. If those choices overwhelm you (after all, who knew there could be so many different ways to name a pair of jeans?) don’t worry. We had three of our Darling staffers head over to Target and pick up a few of their favorites to style themselves.

Below, we’re sharing their tips for how to take a risk — and have it pay off — with denim.

Nihan Gorkem, Digital Marketing Manager

nihan gorkem target denim

I’ll never get tired of my beloved blue and black jeans. However, white denim is a crisp summer staple for me. I love a good pair of white jeans for the summertime because they look so fresh and clean, going from casual to edgy in a snap, depending on how you style them. This pair from Target has an extra ounce of stretch, making them jeggings and perfect for summer. They’re lighter and easier to wear for a longer amount of time.

As sleek as they are, white jeans could be tricky-to-wear, and they are not flattering at times. Focus on styling them with the right accessories and wear them with confidence. A little bit of heel perks up the look and makes the jeans look on-trend. They don’t have to be super-tall, it still gives the right amount of height without overdoing it.

My white denim tips:

  • You have to be extra careful when wearing white jeans. Always watch where you’re sitting. I’ve spilled coffee on my white denim multiple times and it’s not fun.
  • If you’re petite like me or have short legs or prominent thighs and legs, wearing high-heels will counter the shortening effect, help raise your height and lengthen your lower body.
  • Bright colors make white denim pop even more. Style a pair with a flannel button-down or darker denim vest for a casual, cool look or pair them with colored accessories like a bright belt or purse.
  • Pair them with casual staples like slouchy striped tees, loose silky tops, pastels, pointed pumps, structured blazers, denim or leather jackets.
  • To maintain the white shade of the jeans, wash them separately or with other light colored clothes. Hang dry or put in the dryer on low heat.

Denim Jeggings (Target) | Denim Vest (Target) | Striped Tee (Similar)

Ziza Bauer, Online Managing Editor

ziza bauer target denim

Summer for me is all about easy, stylish comfort. I like to look nice, but I don’t like to think too much about making that happen. Finding these joggers (which are pretty much thin sweatpants made socially acceptable with a denim twist) was a win on so many levels, because I could easily wear them to the office, out running errands, or even on a plane and still look polished.

There’s a fine line between dressing comfortably and looking sloppy, though. The key is to focus on those little extra details that go a long way to crisp up an outfit.

My tips for denim loungewear:

  • Choose a darker wash, which will add an air of formality to a look.
  • Try to find a pair with subtle detailing. These Target joggers have pockets (bonus points), a drawstring in the same material (not made out of shoelace or a different color rope) and elastic cuffs that won’t need folding.
  • Focus on the shoes. A nice pair of flats or elegant black pumps will help camouflage casual pants, while sneakers or flip-flops will instantly draw attention to the fact that, yes, you are wearing sweatpants.
  • Accessorize like you wouldn’t normally, if you were really lounging around. Getting away with casual-wear typically involves throwing on an extra necklace or a large ring, a wide-brimmed hat, or a long scarf or sweater.

Denim Joggers (Target) | Black Tank (Rag & Bone; Similar) | Cream Duster (Eileen Fisher; Similar)

Kyle Wood, PR & Sales Coordinator

kyle wood target denim

I chose denim shorts because I have more of a sporty style that these shorts really go well with. I like to take risks that blend my “tomboy-ish” personality with my feminine and girly side, like a dainty top or fitted blazer.

My tips for denim shorts:

  • If you’re going for the distressed look, be mindful of the holes. You want them to look worn in places that would naturally be thinner, like the pockets and along the seams or edges.
  • For a better fit, try to find a pair that’s relaxed along the hip.
  • Watch your length. Short shorts are great for the beach or over a swimsuit, but if you plan to wear them to a meeting or out in a more public/professional setting, keep them just a few inches shy of your knee to balance out the rest of your outfit.

It can be hard to stay cool without sacrificing style in the summer, and these jean shorts are a fun way to play up new looks while staying comfortable in the heat!

Shorts (Target) | White Tee (American Apparel) | Blazer (Vintage)

darling team target denim

For the first two weeks of August (8/2 – 8/15) Target is also offering FREE shipping and FREE returns when you shop on, making it easy to try what you want and only keep what you love!

What denim style works best for you? What fashion “risk” haven’t you tried yet that you want to?

*Though Target provided denim clothing free of charge, all selections and opinions are 100% our own.

Images via Milena Mallory


  1. Loving the variety of denim and the different finishes. I especially love the drawstring one. It’s so different for a usual denim look and I love how comfortable it looks.

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