Five playing cards fanned out to see the art on the back of each

If this time of social distancing has taught us anything, it’s the value of human connection. While FaceTime and Zoom are great tools to stay connected in the digital age, too much screen time can be draining and even have averse effects on the brain.

Thoughtfully made with you in mind, Darling has launched its latest products with a focus on genuine human connection. We want to inspire thoughtful dialogue and critical thinking. The hope is that as you take time to intentionally seek community, these items will help spark moments of laughter, thoughtful conversation and joy. Whether face-to-face or far away, we can choose to seek out “our people,” taking time to know them better and to be truly known.

Check out the latest Darling products perfect for quality time off screen:

Darling Playing Cards With Morgan Harper Nichols

Two playing cards propped up

In collaboration with Morgan Harper Nichols, the Darling Playing Cards are a creative spin on the traditional deck of playing cards. The top side of the cards includes 54 unique conversation questions (52 regular playing cards and two jokers) and the playing side displays 54 beautiful pieces of artwork by Morgan. Elevate your typical game of cards with these funny, reflective and deep conversation questions.

The cards have a linen finish and come in a clear box for storage. They are available for pre-order today! Playing Cards will ship from Darling’s fulfillment center on May 20. Use code CARDPREORDER to get a free 10-pack of Darling Bookplate Stickers with your preorder.

Darling Dinner Cards

A set of Darling conversation cards facing up

Once you have dinner on the table, silence your cell phones and get ready for an evening of meaningful discussion with The Darling Dinner Cards. These cards include 18 conversation prompts that cover a range of topics. Set each one on a place setting, or mix and match them to suit your gathering.

Each set of 18 Darling Dinner Cards is printed on thick vellum paper and shrink-wrapped as a set. The Darling Dinner Cards are a great way to get to know “your people” in a deeper, more meaningful way. Great conversation always pairs well with a great meal!

Darling Conversation Cards

A card that reads, "Hey you, you're loved."

Who said that snail mail was dead? Quarantine has made letter writing and traditional mail cool again, which means The Darling Conversation Cards are right on trend! The cards will help enrich your relationships with deeper dialogue with loved ones who are far way. Each card has question prompts for you and a friend to complete. The bottom half tears off into a postcard so your recipient can mail their responses back to you.

Every box includes 12 folded cards with four individual designs. These cards are perforated so that the bottom half becomes a postcard and the top half becomes framable 4×6″ art. Lets take the time to become a pen pal again; everyone loves getting real mail in their mailbox!

What’s your favorite item in the Darling shop? Do you prioritize spending time with loved ones off screen?

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