You may be overwhelmed by the amount of holiday party tips you are receiving in every magazine you pick up, but remember, being a Hostess is an honor. Darling believes in all of you, that you can create an unforgettable night for your guests in your home that sparkles with the time and love you have poured into your event.

Ler’s look at three last points you don’t want to forget for your Christmas Eve or New Year’s Party!

1. Make a Photo booth.

Now, I realize it may be cliché, but in this day and age of social media and mobile photo-apps, I believe every great party needs a designated photo-space. It doesn’t need to be anything grandiose, but a space (and a few props) that clearly says “I’m here for you, your friends, and your camera.” Here’s an idea: Cut an old sheet into big squares and leave out oil or chalk pastels for people to draw their own backdrop for their picture. (People love to make art—even if they are bad at it…and it may turn into a fun group effort!) Leave push pins so they can hang it on the wall! Or, take the glass out of some empty picture frames so guests can use them for framing their faces.

2. Décor and Ambience.

This is where your domestic and creative powers come in to play. Paper garlands, festive banners, poinsettias, Christmas roses, white birch or even succulents, as they’ve made quite a comeback this year. Ensure your tree is sparkling and always remember… candles, candles, candles.

Add some fun to the party and include Christmas/New Year crossword puzzles at each of the place settings. Another idea: use a silver or gold permanent marker to write each of the guest’s names on ornaments (or New Year’s party hats) and hang them on the back of each chair.

As far as music goes, play on traditions, or make a party playlists. If you want your guests to have a say, maybe have them suggest an album they love or simply a song they’d like to hear in their RSVP.

3. Safety.

The least sexy tip of all. But the fact still remains: Drinking and driving accidents occur with more frequency during holidays due to ‘acceptable’ drinking at parties and family functions. No one wants to be the party pooper, but as the hostess, it’s your job to remain aware of who shouldn’t be getting into a car. Talk about pressure! Our advice is to ask a few of your trusted guests to also be on drink-watch. This doesn’t mean stalking party-goers, but simply being aware of who should crash on the couch, or who may be able to drive people home.

When all is said and done, all that every hostess wants for Christmas is a memorable get-together that runs as smooth as silk. She wants to open her home, entertain, feed stomachs and (more importantly) feed souls.

Happy hosting! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Photo Credit: We Heart It