Art is everywhere. So, too, are a dozen inspiring companies and individuals that have caught our eye lately for tapping into the good. Selecting this month’s High Fives was easy; we hope the below puts a smile on your face and inspires you to pass it along.

The Ask & Receive Project

ask receive project

Nothing gets you dreaming like hearing of other women’s wins. The Ask & Receive project provides just that — a searchable database to see what other women have asked for and received, ranging from personal to professional to everything in between. You too can document what’s been working and winning in your own life and add it to the list to inspire others. We love this.

Stumptown Artist Fellowship

We knew ’em for their coffee, now we can thank ’em for spotlighting some of the best and brightest artists. Last December, Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters announced the launch of their Artist Fellowship program, awarding one artist $2000 and a 6-8 week solo exhibit in their downtown cafe, beginning with photographs by Wendy Red Star. Cool beans, right?

Ivory Tees

ivory tees

Darling’s own EIC Sarah Dubbeldam first met Ivory Tees’ founder Angelina Lue at a Stanford Women in Business Summit. She was so inspired by Lue’s drive and determination to save the elephants — extraordinary animals with a plummeting population due to the escalating demand of ivory and a slowing reproduction rate — that we knew we had to shout this one out. 20% of Ivory Tees’ profits (they have tees, sweatshirts and more for women, men + little ones) go directly to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Marley Dias

marley dias
Image via Andrea Cipriani Mecchi

After seeing a lack of books that included black girls as main characters, Marley Dias, at age 10, started #1000blackgirlbooks — a social media campaign to collect and distribute 1,000 books with black girl protagonists that she would then donate to libraries around the country. Now she’s 13 and has written her first book, “Marley Dias Gets It Done (And So Can You!),” which released earlier this month.

“So Fly: A Story of Self-Acceptance”

“I hope this brings you inspiration and empowerment to go forth and live your purpose.” Choreographer Gigi Torres infinitely brightened our day with these three minutes and fifty seconds inspired by Darling Magazine. Just watch and you’ll understand.

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Feature Image via Grace Rivera

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