It’s the end of the first month of a new year and we thought nothing better than another round of Darling High Fives to keep the momentum going. The below are our picks for brands, entrepreneurs or just all-around inspiring women (and teens!) who we just want to say, “Yes. We see you. Keep on going.”

NIKE: The 1 Reimagined

Image via Nike


The Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 are two of the most popular and recognizable shoes of all time. Now, thanks to an all-female design team, they’ve been “reimagined” for the first time into ten new styles based on five different personality types. Ranging from “The Explorer” to “The Sage,” the 1 Reimagined Line debuts for purchase on February 7th.



This book subscription for children is the perfect gift to get a Mum friend who doesn’t have time to sort through all the options at the local bookstore. It’s really affordable and offers discounts when you keep the products.

Agent App

agent app

Agent is a new booking app that provides a safe and accountable environment through models and agents sharing their experiences working with designers and photographers. It’s meant to reduce the amount of misconduct and inappropriate behavior that’s been known to occur on set through increased transparency and real-time reviews.

Creators For Change

creators for change

Creators For Change is a YouTube nonprofit putting funds behinds artists who are using their platform to deliberately dismantle ideologies of hate, extremism and xenophobia. For example, check out CFC ambassador Dina Tokio’s series, #YourAverageMuslim.

Timeless App


Created by 14-year-old Emma Yang, Timeless has the goal of helping Alzheimer’s patients using facial recognition technology. Emma had the idea for the app after her watching her grandmother suffer from the disease and was inspired to put her coding skills to use in a way that could help support and possibly slow down its effects. Learn more and help fund Emma’s project here.

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Feature Image via Marshall Cox

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