We’re back with our second collection of #DarlingHighFives.

As a reminder (in case you missed our first one), here’s what we’re doing:

We get so many wonderful emails, tips and leads about the incredible businesses sprouting up all over the globe. We wish we could fly out to meet every single one and give all the go-getters and dream-chasers we learn about a four page spread in the magazine. Alas, resources are numbered and for the sake of our carbon footprint, jetting to and fro just isn’t the most practical. Wink. So, we’ve decided to start rounding up our latest finds in this series as a, “Hi. We see you. We think you’re pretty great and we want everyone to know about you, too!”

In no particular order:


Image via Tessemae’s

This “brutally honest” band of “clean eating evangelists” serves up preservative- and additive-free dressings to make vegetable eating a breeze. Originally founded by mom Tesse as a way to get her athletic sons to eat more vegetables, she’s since brought her secret to the world, enabling  gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, low-sodium, kosher, vegan, paleo and Whole30 eaters (even beyond) to enjoy the deliciousness of simplicity. ORDER HERE.


julia sesame street
Image via autism.sesamestreet.org

The newest member of  “Sesame Street” is a red-headed four-year-old who’s often in her own world. Julia has autism and is the first puppet of her kind to join the cast of the beloved children’s series. Played by veteran puppeteer Stacy Gordon, whose son is on the autism spectrum, Julia is a hopeful step forward in de-stigmatizing children with autism and revealing the many gifts that they have to offer. All the fuzzy high fives for this. LEARN HERE.


art of the gentlewoman
Image via Art of the Gentlewoman

Regardless of where you fall on the capsule collection spectrum, a tailored suit deserves part of any woman’s closet. That’s why we’re impressed with the latest from the Art of the Gentlewoman, co-founded by Melissa Martinez-Booth and Melissa Kanareka. Having creating a “non-trend based collection,” Melissa and Melissa’s timeless suits are perfect for the modern woman — universally flattering with wonderful attention to detail (think sleeves that stay up and silk tops that don’t gap at the bust). Finally. SHOP HERE.


Image via Lauren Ross

We love seeing how many beauty products are making waves in the market without using harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. BeautyShare is the newest line that’s caught our attention, offered via Women’s Heritage with an appreciation for traditional knowledge (and who we’ve raved about previously here). Handmade in small batches by their own herbalist, this all-natural, preservative-free line contains an oil-based face wash, clarifying toner, repairing night serum and skin food face lotion. You know, just the good stuff. DISCOVER HERE.


sonnet james playsuit
Image via Sonnet James

This playful brand is perfect for moms and non-moms alike. Ethically-made in San Francisco, founder Whitney’s charismatic vibe certainly translates to her designs. From pajama-like playsuits to perfectly on-the-go dresses, we won’t blame you if this collection slowly overtakes your wardrobe. SHOP HERE.

Have a #DarlingHighFives you want us to know about? Use the hashtag on Instagram and keep us in the know, please!

Image via Bekah Wriedt

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