Today we’re thrilled to share with you part one of our first-ever gift guide. We’ve picked our favorite gift items for each persona to help you find a gift that’s just right for every different kind of friend (or sister or mother) in your life. In the coming days, we’ll also provide you with “For Him,” “For Them,” and “For Little,” gift guides, so stay tuned!

1. Rifle Paper Co. Get It Done Notepad ($8)
This adorable zebra notebook gives your friend a place to keep track of all her daily tasks and ideas so that she can reach her present and future goals.

2. R + B Gold Chain ($55)
This gold chain with navy thread is feminine, bold, and professional. It will remind her that you believe in her ability to achieve.

3. Miniemergency Kit ($13)
She is always on the go and who knows what obstacles will come in the way. Give her this emergency kit so that no little thing will stop her in her tracks.

4. Falling Whistles Necklace ($34)
Because she believes in changing the world through action, she will proudly wear this whistle knowing she is part of those that desire to end the crisis in the Congo.

5. Stainless Steel Sharpie ($5.88)
A permanent marker is a staple in any office, but the stainless steel version is meant for the professional planner.

6. Rifle Paper Co. Metropolis Calendar ($24)
Never one to forget the month or day, these beautifully illustrated calendars offer a inspiration as she tracks her days.

1. Diptyque Holiday Candle, amber scented ($32)
A luxury from Paris, these candles will immediately create the setting to pamper oneself.

2. Vintage Compact Mirror ($15 average)
A classy lady always had her own unique compact mirror to carry with her about town.

3. Ember Arts Head Wrap ($13)
Support other woman artist from Uganda rebuild their lives and community by gifting a head wrap that is the beauticians solution to a less than ideal hair day.

4. Natural Dry Shampoo ($30)
A great way to preserve the health of ones hair is to avoid excessive washing, giving a quality dry shampoo can save her tresses as well as her precious time.

5. Charity Water Donation (any amount)
Because we know hydration is the key to lasting health, donate on behalf of your friend to improve the health, beauty, and quality of life for hundreds around the world.

6. Radiant Cosmetics Lipstick ($18)
Darling highly recommends a red lip for this winter—something that will be confirmed when you read our winter issue! We can think of no better way to achieve this look than through supporting awareness and prevention of human trafficking through the purchase of a product from Radiant Cosmetics. Our favorite is their matte lipstick.

1. Poketo Tea For One Brewing Set ($29)
This all-in-one teapot and mug makes a perfect cup of tea, ideal for her to drink while talking to a close friend or writing a letter to send to those she loves.

2. Raven and Lily Recycled Notecards ($14)
The Confidant is always thankful and remembers to say so. Help her do this by giving her beautifully designed and socially responsible note cards that empower woman to create sustainable economic opportunities.

3. Bellatrina Jewelery Monogram Friend Bracelet ($39)
To remind her of how much you appreciate her wise words and consistency of friendship, give her a hand stamped friendship bracelet with both of your initials on it.

4. Society 6 iPhone Case ($35)
Because she is often just a a phone call away, give your faithful listening ear something beautiful and custom to protect her iPhone. Go explore the site for a unique design she’ll love, or create your very own to give.

5. Hot Water Bottle ($64)
Sometimes we need to be warmed from the outside whether it be due to cold weather, ill health, or a heavy heart. A hot water bottle is a soothing comfort and something one will keep for a lifetime — just like our grandmothers have done.

6. Zara Lawrence Throw ($35)
Because The Confidant is thoughtful and restful in her living, a cozy blanket will be something she will enjoy during the cool winter days.

1. Moleskine Classic Large Ruled Notebook ($17.95)
For all her dreams, hopes, poems, and sketches, give her a Moleskine — a timeless quality notebook with plenty of different size and color options to best fit your Dreamer. We love the large ruled one!

2. Leif Gemstone Magnet Set ($36)
Magnets give us the ability to post current happenings and inspiration in a place we visit so often, our refrigerator. These stones perfectly compliment the creativity that belongs to the Dreamer.

3. Tiffany Kunz Plume Stud Earrings ($58)
Give her these hand crafted bronze studs that remind us of gold leaf wings and holiday joy all year round.

4. Movie Tickets ($30)
She can absolutely relate to and appreciate a great story. Share this joy together and give her movie passes so that you can share the experience of the film together.

5. Celestial Coaster Set ($32)
While she dreams over a cup of tea in front of her journal, these coasters are a perfect compliment to further inspire her to embrace those dreamy thoughts. They come in eleven colors so you can personalize to whom you will be gifting. If you are not concerned with her returning the gift you could write a sweet note, quote, verse, or poetry on the back as a hidden reminder.

6. iTunes Gift Card ($10 – $100)
Because music is a way to express ourselves and understand others expressions of beauty and joy, The Dreamer will appreciate an easy way to add more music in her life all year long.

1. The New York Times 36 Hours ($23.99)
Often we don’t have time to see all we would like to see when we travel. Give your friend the best selection of things to do and places to see in only a weekend as she travels to cities around the globe.

2. Brass Luggage Tags ($20)
To make sue she doesn’t lose or mistake her bags on her adventure, these luggage tags are both classy and practical.

3. State Park Membership ($195)
The Explorer loves few thing more than the beauty of outdoors. Give her the opportunity to experience protected environments by purchasing a state park pass for her to enjoy.

4. Field Notes County Fair Special Edition Notebooks ($28.95)
To help her remember her adventures, give The Explorer these fun, limited edition Field Notes notebooks and handpick the states you know will warm her heart.

5. Jonathan Adler Jet Set Coasters ($48)
When she is home, these jet set coasters will remind her of her fun-filled spirit and past travels.

6. Uniqlo Down Vest ($69.90)
A stylish and functional down vest will keep The Explorer’s heart warm this winter.

1. Community Supported Agriculture (pricing dependent on location)
Investing in quality ingredients is a key to creating delicious meals for guests. The Hostess will appreciate this opportunity to support local growers while enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

2. Anthropologie Farmers Market Baskets ($14 each)
Give a pretty place to hold the fresh berries she has purchased form the local farmers market or the CSA basket she was recently gifted with.

3. 31 Bits Lolly Bracelet ($12)
Because she loves design that brings a smile to the face, she’ll appreciate this bracelet from 31 Bits. With its bright colors and purpose to promote crafts form Uganda, she will feel full of joy whenever she looks at her wrist.

4. Krups BW 600 Electric Kettle ($80)
Warm drinks are both welcoming and soothing. Having the perfect way create these on her counter is a gift that will last through many seasons in life.

5. Le Creuset Mini Cocottes Set With Cookbook ($80)
The timeless French brand Le Creuset will be a staple used over and over again at parties as well as casually for weekly dinners.

6. Hand Finished Stoneware Mixing Bowls ($13)
A necessity for preparing and serving, these classy bowls will increase her enjoyment as she works away at her craft in the kitchen.

1. Pee Chee Portfolio ($7)
Throwback and kitschy, these folders will remind her of days past when she enjoyed taking notes while sitting in the front row of class.

2. Push Pull iPad Case ($29.50)
The iPad is great for reading books, taking notes, as well as gleaning inspiration from sources all around the world. These cases celebrate the unique craft of weaving from Cambodia while giving The Intellectual’s iPad the protection it deserves.

3. Leif Natural Agate Bookends ($46)
The perfect complement to The Intellectual’s book collection.

4. Warby Parker Gift Card ($95)
Give a gift card and she can request to have up to five styles at a time to try on at home. The best part? Their one-for-one program ensures that your gift to her also gives another the ability to see clearly as well (for every pair purchased they donate a pair to someone in need).

5. Cloth Bound Penguin Classics ($15)
These Penguin classics with embossed cloth covering will bring The Intellectual joy this holiday season as she sits and enjoys timeless words by the fire.

6. Museum Membership ($50-100)
The intellectual improves her mind through books as well as experiencing great works of art. Give her a membership to the nearest museum and plan an evening to enjoy and discuss the newest exhibit together.

1. Zara Metallic Crackle Effect Slippers ($49.90)
This is an ideal gift for a friend who is chic during the day and aims to enjoy that same stylish living in evening when lounging around the house.

2. Uniqlo Cashmere Cardigan ($79.90)
Perfect for shopping in the crisp winter weather, this classic cashmere cardigan is a timeless piece, able to adapt to her ever-evolving personal style.

3. Mast Brother’s Chocolate, Papa New Guinea ($9.50)
Fashion-forward in her outer appearance, The Stylist appreciates excellent taste and design. Mast brothers packing and ingredients prove to be exceptional in flavor and style.

4. Ash on AK Gold Finger Bracelet ($80)
Simplistic yet always attracting attention, this finger bracelet makes one feel that, even in jeans and a tee shirt, she has elevated style and class—a feeling The Stylist always desires.

5. Turning Triangles Terrarium ($39)
Style is not only about clothes, but also enjoying the natural creations that were the first example of beauty embodied. We recommend going to your local nursery to create a unique succulent art piece for your dear friend.

6. Scout Mini Composition Notebooks ($10)
These adorable little notebooks give The Stylist opportunities to jot down quickly fleeting brilliant ideas and inspirations.

Gift selection by Mercedes Lauren Curran; Graphics by Natalie Lynn Borton.


  1. I love this article! These are awesome ideas, I’m looking forward to the “for him” one!

  2. NAILED IT!!! I consider myself more of “The Stylist” and I would want ALL OF THOSE THINGS!! Love it girls.

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