Dreamers are often those folks that sip coffee with unkempt hair and twiddle a pencil over a well-worn journal. There is a certain characteristic of freedom and mystery in their step and presence that intrigues those around them to get a peak into the daily story they write.

Imagination and creativity are intrinsically valuable gifts given to all of us. In centuries past, every woman was a master of the arts. As part of daily life, women were encouraged and taught to write poems and stories, paint, draw, sew, and even play the piano, act, sing, or read aloud theatrically for dinner guests. Some of us engage in these activities in our modern way, but it also seems like a lost art of womanhood. Let’s start to exercise the discipline of creativity and engage in artistic activities that will help broaden our perspectives and give us new eyes to see the beauty around us.

Darling believes that in its essence, this world has purpose and a deeper meaning. Even though we are holistic beings tangibly rooted on this planet, we cannot forget that this world is infused with the Spiritual. Imagination is vital in exploring the unseen world. The Dreamer ponders about the Creator who literally fashioned by hand all the beauty we see—from towering Everest to tiny ants carrying treasures to their nest. If we were made by Him, we certainly have a piece of His creative essence built into our very fiber. We believe that humanity matters to God, and that He loves us deeply. As we start from that foundation, we long to steward stories of faith and be a safe haven where questions and doubts are more than allowed—they are acknowledged as core to our journey of faith.

Let’s discover truth that will set us free to thrive, and create things that make the world more beautiful. Let’s stretch our minds and grow our artistic disciplines in order to have a posture of fascination for the seen and unseen world around us. If you have been longing for more in this life, this is where you will find it.

What creative discipline would you like to master? What aspect of spirituality would you like to explore?


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