With the spring comes a feeling of rejuvenation and excitement. Flowers begin to bloom and the days become a little sunnier, so what better way to welcome the freshness of the season then with our second Darling Dinner.

Held in the heart of LA’s arts district at the open and beautiful loft space of Sew Creative, the evening began with crisp white wine and delicious appetizers in hand, women conversing with old friends and new. They mixed and mingled amongst each other and posed for a quick Polaroid in the glow of the evening light, as mouth-watering smells of dinner wafted from the kitchen.

Ever a true hostess, Theresa Pollard, tantalized taste buds from a delectable appetizer, to the flavorful main course of tender braised short ribs, all the way to end of the night, finishing off with her unique take on a fifty-fifty — freshly squeezed tangerine juice poured over vanilla bean ice cream and topped with a shortbread cookie.

As dinner began, ladies gathered around the table where small Darling postcards welcomed them to their seat. The cozy, family style serving added to the communal atmosphere and conversation flowed as Market Editor Mercedes Curran, Editorial Editor Tracy Le and Photography Editor Rebekah Shannon led with topics derived from our own mission statement on the arts of wit, modesty, virtue and wisdom and whether or not they are lost arts in our society.

Conversation hit deeper then the normal small talk, the uniqueness and intellect of each woman was brought forth and shared, creating a kinship among the guests. Each woman had something to say that was so uniquely their own. There was a general consensus on some points, yet, the individuality with how each woman interpreted the topics lead us to ponder over several perspectives and gain an insight different than own.

Despite the unexpected jostle of a small earthquake, the second Darling Dinner ended with success and resulted in so much more than simply sharing a meal. We are thrilled to have met such a unique variety of amazing women, once again. We are continually excited to see where these Darling Dinners lead.

Image via Jaciee Almond

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