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Regardless of what your resolutions may be for 2013, we here at Darling believe there is nothing wrong with digesting a few more books this year. So we’ve got something in mind…

The Darling Book Club.

Whether you’re a voracious reader or haven’t picked up a book in ages, over the next year, we’ll recommend a new book every month that we feel would be a great addition to any Darling woman’s bookshelf (digital or physical). At the end of the month, we’ll host a “discussion” through a Facebook Event page with questions posed and topics pulled from the book to discuss among those who read that month’s title. You can opt to join the digital discussion or even commune in-person with friends and start your own book group—Hostess-types, no doubt, can see MANY food opportunities there.

Through the year we’ll be offering up books of encouragement, non-fiction, epic sagas, literary classics, books we have yet to read and books we can’t live without. With that said, we’re always looking for suggestions. What are the books that have shaped your life and your outlooks? What are the books that you would pass on to a sister or the books your mother has missed? We hope the books selected are those that educate, inspire, compel, challenge and most of all, encourage you in whatever unique persona(s) you identify yourself as.

Darling Book Club: January | Darling Magazine

For the first month of the year, we thought we’d start with a book that reminds us to use the time we have left to the fullest. “Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful and Live Intentionally” is a memoir written by Patti Digh, a woman who, in 2003, was told her stepfather had been diagnosed with lung cancer. He passed away 37 days later. The short time frame had a profound effect on her and what emerged was a new perspective on life, and a commitment to asking herself every morning, “What would I be doing today if I only had 37 days left to live?”

The results reshaped her future and encouraged her to share her story and her quest with others. With original artwork by the author and margins for you to chronicle your own thoughts and future actions, Digh encourages readers to “Say Yes, Trust Yourself, Slow Down, Be Generous, Speak UP and Love More.”

Check back in at the end of the month for instructions concerning digital discussion. Regardless of what you end up reading this year, we hope you find growth, wisdom and inspiration within the pages. Happy reading, Darling women!

Read it in paperback, on your kindle (or kindle app) or as a Google ebook.

Will you be joining us in reading Life is a Verb this month?

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  1. I just ordered my copy off Amazon (for a great deal, by the way!). I’m so excited to read more this year and can’t wait to start!

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