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On New Years Day, we’re baring it all.

In February, I had a few girlfriends over for what would later be known as the “Naked Brunch.” I had the opportunity to write about it here on Darling Magazine and showcase the beautiful faces of those women just as they are—with no make-up. Darling readers responded. The article was read, re-read, and posted over and over again on the Facebook pages of many women. It got us thinking…

Social media is an entertaining outlet and effective way to keep our loved ones that are far away informed about our lives, but it has also become a significant source of competition among women. Comparison swells up and insecurity eats away at us when we see the highlight reel of someone else’s life displayed in pictures and statuses. We innocently but often play into the expectations that media has outlined for women by attempting to paint an image that mirrors what we see in the magazine pages. We become desperate to portray ourselves in a way that will encourage others to admire us, instead of just being real.

Part of Darling Magazine’s mission is to lead women to “discover beauty apart from vanity.” What better time to start afresh in our perspectives than on New Year’s Day? And what better place to do that than our virtual playground of envy?

Join us for Darling Magazine’s Beauty Revolution and make a statement about something real and beautiful: you. We invite women near and far to change their profile pictures to a makeup-free photo for 24 hours on New Year’s Day. Bare it all. Before you glam it up, snap a picture of the real you, then post it for the world to see and break down the towering walls of competition that these platforms can sometimes build up. If you’re with us, share this article to get the word out, and on New Years Day, post your bare-faced photo along with this (or something similar in your own words) as your status:

“I’m starting my New Year by going bare. Today I’ve changed my profile picture to celebrate REAL beauty. This year, I want to try a little harder to love the girl that looks at me from the mirror in the mornings, before the mascara and flat iron do their work. I want to participate in building a new beauty culture that will encourage women to be and love themselves instead of contributing to the jealousy, self hatred, and competition that social media often perpetuates between women. To join Darling Magazine’s Beauty Revolution and take your own stand, click here:”

This challenge is the start of something bigger—the start of us women learning what beauty is really all about. Want to dig deeper? Check out some of our previous articles on real, lasting beauty…

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Are you joining the Darling Beauty Revolution? Leave us a comment and let us know!



  1. Hi there,
    I was recently diagnosed with celiac and I have used my make-up brushes with makeup that ous not gluten free. Can I use them with gluten free makeup after cleaning them or should I get new brushes?

  2. I totally encourage what u guys are doing I think our society really needs to get a reality check !!:)
    Thank u for stepping out and creating this it’s truely awesome!!:)

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