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It’s the time of year when many of us start romanticizing the chill breeze and crunch of leaves, a time to settle in and bundle up. And with that, who wouldn’t also love a built-in hideaway — a secret place where the world fades away into the chapters of a biography, adventure or mystery novel?

Since many of us probably don’t live in an epic Victorian mansion (where those sort of window seats and secret passages exist, right?) but still yearn for stolen, cozy moments of autumn, we thought we’d highlight how anyone, anywhere can set about making a little reading nook of their very own to escape into this fall.

With the help of Target, here are four things to consider when turning the casual into cozy:


Choose A Space, Any Space
Consider where you are. You don’t need an exclusive room or impressive architectural detail before designating a spot as a reading nook. Truthfully, you simply need a place to sit! Wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket at the end of a couch is the perfect place to start. We love this woven bench because it serves a dual purpose: coffee table and ottoman. When you’re not propping your feet up absorbed in a story, you can add some decor (these woodgrain fruits are right on point for fall) and use it to dress up your living area. The more inviting a space, the more you’ll want to use it, so this bench can serve as a daily reminder to spend even a few extra minutes in rest before going about the day.


Let There Be …
As with most things, lighting is key. Be sure to establish your reading space in an area with either ample natural light or an intentionally placed lamp. By using this bench all on its own, we’ve provided an easy solution for a reading nook in a small room. Just steal a corner! We wanted to capitalize on the early rays that can make a slow weekend morning all the more appealing. With light from a nearby window, this nook is prime real estate for getting lost in a few pages.


Keep It Close
There’s nothing worse than constant distractions when you’re trying to intentionally focus, so anticipate your needs so you won’t be constantly interrupted. Set electronics at bay, switch your phone to silent (vibrate off) and even an alarm, if you’re worried about being unplugged for too long. Have a snack within arm’s reach that’s both savory and sweet, but also easy to clean up if you spill. Our current favorite? Cheddar popcorn + pumpkin spice candy corn.


A Sweet Aroma
Even if you don’t have a fireplace, there’s something innately cozy-fying about reading beside an open flame. Give yourself permission to purchase that  fall-themed candle (we like Kashmir Chai) but whereas pumpkin or apple crisp might typically overpower another area of the house like the bathroom or kitchen, when placed in your designated reading space you’ll instantly feel the freedom to unwind.

So, with a few extra minutes of thought, bring the Victorian setting to you this season. Because more than being just a space, a reading nook is ultimately about intentional unwinding and getting away from the world a bit. You can do that no matter where you are … but it helps to have a comfortable place to curl up in while you do.

Where is your favorite place to cozy up and read?

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