What we choose to put in our home reflects who we are and how we approach life. It can give others a window into our state of mind and our emotional well being, without us even being aware what it’s revealing.

There are three levels of communication from our interiors: environmental experience, cleanliness, and organization.

Environmental experience. This is our personal style, or lack of it.  Think of all of the places you have enjoyed being in throughout your lifetime.  Was there a particular theme?  Did something surprise you?  Did it create a feeling of wonder or excitement?  These things are all components of exceptional interior designs.  Our interiors define our personality. Be sure to incorporate your point of view and what is important in your life as you create the space that represents you.

Cleanliness. How clean were the spaces you loved?  Were they swept by cool breezes and washed by rain? Or were they scrubbed to a sparkling finish before you stepped foot into the room? In general, cleanliness will give you a sense of well being in your home. You don’t have to keep things spotless, but picking up clutter daily and deep cleaning once a week (or every other) will make you personally feel more put together.

Organization. A well organized home or space reflects a well organized mind. There is more to maintaining the organized home than an occasional afternoon sorting session. A home should work as a filter to un-clutter your life and keep you on track. Provide a place for everything. This will mean eliminating items that no longer serve or represent you. Keep things organized in a logical sequence and for utility.


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