Hello Darlings,

We’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve brought back the comments section! It’s been a while since you’ve had the opportunity to respond to our articles, and we hope that you’ll take advantage of this new feature by engaging in conversation with one another and sharing your responses to our writers’ words.

Today we invite you to sit back, catch up on our most recent articles (or revisit some old favorites), and let the commenting begin. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

What are your thoughts on the return of the comments section?


  1. Happy to be able to give a little to this wonderful magazine in the form of comments. Also, to point out any missed errors–in love.

  2. This makes me really happy, because so many times I read one of your articles and think, “job well done!” but cannot express my gratitude. Happy to have a way to do that now. Thank you for opening them up!!

  3. So glad! I love the opportunity for all of the readers to interact and share thoughts!

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