Continued from Color-Ful, a guide to practical color psychology.

Associations: Royalty, intuition, imagination, mystery, spirituality, regal beauty, rarity.

Effects: Brings balance, transforms fears and obsessions, combats shock and fear, and helps bring healing and cleansing from emotional disturbances.

Physical Effects: Stimulates brain activity in problem solving, suppresses appetite, and balances metabolism.

Uses: Worn throughout history by royalty due to the expensive process of extracting the dye from tree bark and shellfish. It is also a common color used by art companies.

When to Wear: Evening parties or times of creative expression are best for this color, as it creates a noticeable sense of mystery about you and sets you apart as unique.

Applying to the Home: Best for the creative areas of your space, such as an art room, table, or library. Purple also works well in small doses within the bathroom or dressing room to enhance the feeling of luxury and beauty.


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