Just across the river from the nation’s capital lays quaint Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Memorable dwellings line King Street and the waterfront, offering a beautiful afternoon to escape the busyness of D.C. Take a peek into the past amongst century-old row houses and charming boutiques of Old Town, which hosts unique offerings for every woman’s persona.

The Dreamer
European Country Living – This store has unique home furnishings that could not be found elsewhere. Stepping into this duo-floored boutique transforms surroundings into that of an Italian villa or French mansion. A peek in encourages creation and decoration unlike any other home goods store.

Pops Ice Cream – Although King Street is lined with ice cream parlors, this one takes the cake. 1950s style interiors and a scrumptious assortment of 63 homemade flavors such as “The Cavity” (an assortment of candies and “Peppermint Stick” with real pieces of candy cane make every visit an experience.

The Hostess
Olio Tasting Room – Olio is home to an olive oil sampling bar, which provides the perfect opportunity to get unique flavors. Knowledgeable staff assists in the pairings of breads and other delicacies to create memorable combinations.

The Christmas Attic – Two floors of Christmas and holiday decorations flood The Christmas Attic. Gifts and trinkets, perfect for events, are easy to find and reasonably priced.

The Confidant
Buzz Bakery – Delicious treats and outstanding espresso aren’t the only pull that keeps the regulars coming to Buzz Bakery. The ambiance is alluring; the walls are covered in modern art, vintage coffee grinders and baking supplies, and a chalkboard menu creating the perfect environment for a coffee conversation.

Farmers Market – Saturday mornings fill Market Square in Old Town with local farmers, florists and artists. Every Saturday hosts unique finds such as handmade home wares and freshly squeezed juices making for a memorable trip.

The Stylist
Current Boutique – Half boutique, half designer consignment, Current Boutique offers formal and professional high-end designer attire. Dress prices can range from as low as $15 to upwards of $100. Even the pickiest of shoppers have the opportunity to find a new outfit.

The Lucky Knot – This place combines Southern charm with New England prep to create a classy combination. Gorgeous displays motivate shoppers to try new, chic styles.

Mint Condition – Designer consignment at its best, Mint Condition is home to top brand clothes at affordable prices. Friendly staff and adorable décor seal the deal.

The Explorer
Old Town Waterfront – Views of Washington, DC, monuments aren’t the only highlight of this waterfront. Lined with well-maintained parks and restaurants (Chart House restaurant and Oronoco Bay park are standouts), activities on the waterfront host an evening’s worth of activities.

Columbia Firehouse – Perfect for a quick lunch, Columbia Firehouse offers a diverse menu – although the true highlights are the house-made French fries and sauces.

The Beautician
Bellacara – Host to over 50 upscale beauty brands, Bellacara releases even the makeup-phobe’s inner beautician. Organized by brand and open to experiment with, Bellacara accentuates the fun and artistic side of makeup using quality products.

The Intellectual
Carlyle House – Although this early American mansion is a museum, the true highlight is the beautiful backyard garden. Dozens of plant varieties and Revolution period landscaping is perfect for a walk or artistic inspiration.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum and Restaurant – Revolutionary war house-turned-museum and restaurant feast both the soul and the stomach with a pleasing atmosphere chock full of colonial housewares dating back to visits of George Washington.

The Achiever
Torpedo Factory – Charismatic artists with a variety of mediums flood the hallways of this art center, making it the perfect stop for a slow afternoon. Beautiful architecture hosts a full view of the waterfront and the marina can be seen out of top floor windows.

Old Town Alexandria brings rainy Saturdays and sunny Tuesdays (and everything in between) to life on King Street. Historical, yet modern, Old Town brings small town nostalgia back, revamping main street America.

Image via Extraordinary Alexandria


  1. Thank you for featuring a beautiful area close to DC. I love Darling Magazine. Thanks for being true to a beautiful vision and providing wonderful articles. Wishing you continued success.

  2. Thank you for for featuring a beautiful area close to DC. I love Darling Magazine. Thanks for being true to a beautiful vision and providing wonderful articles. Wishing you continued success.

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