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No matter the time, no matter the mood, you want this one around to share all of your days and memories. She is fun personified through a vast bright blue sky that doesn’t falter above the glittering movement of the lake on a hot June afternoon. She is beauty in the rainbow of warmth that the autumn leaves secure during the fall months. She is peace when the saturation of the land has dissipated and the winter chill sets in, forcing people inside to cozy up with their thoughts. She is fresh once March arrives and you see the world in new light.

Throughout the nuances of her charmingly evolving exterior, she is a constant source of character and entertainment. Masked with a loud, brazen attitude, she modestly carries herself and her multitude of lovely elements in a manner that is often overlooked as a single-faceted gem. Under the surface of this pretty face are layers upon layers of uniqueness. Equally intriguing in both appearance and personality, she is Nashville.

For whatever reason you find yourself journeying to this one-of-a-kind place, be assured that there is something special waiting to unravel itself. Unleash the preconceived notions that you can only visit here with a guitar strapped to your back, and you’ll soon understand what makes Nashville unlike any of its adjacent companions. She is the most beautifully Southern encounter you can have and the boundaries of what she can offer are endless.

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For the trip you take to savor an experience. Visit in the spring with your most active friends and have an adventure. Balance the tourist attractions with the hidden staples that residents gravitate to on the most pleasant of weekends. Stay downtown at the historic Union Station Hotel and spend your first night absorbing the rich, diverse culture of the old and new allure of the city at the Nashville Convention Center. Wake early the following day, grab a bottle of Love from Juice Nashville and take a drive to Percy Warner Park where you can hike for hours while taking in the best nature has to offer. On the way home, wind down your muscles while driving through Belle Meade Boulevard, an expansive street of houses, with each being more impressive in scale and architecture than the previous. Keep the fun going over a lively dinner and bowling match at Pinewood Social, until finally it’s time to make your way to the honky-tonks. Start with Robert’s Western World and end on Printer’s Alley with a few rounds of karaoke at Ms Kelli’s. With live jazz and the best steak and eggs benedict in town, a brunch date at The Southern on Sunday morning will cure the “lack of sleep” that’s gotten you down. Afterwards, enjoy the view of the town via the walking bridge and end your trip strolling through the Frist Museum.

For the trip you take to indulge in the local culture. Nashvillians never seem to have a plan whenever they stumble upon their favorite nights, so make a to-do list of spots and check them off as you please. Be sure to include a cocktail at The Patterson House, a matinee at the Belcourt Theatre, coffee at Barista Parlor, music at The High Watt, and dinner at Husk.

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For the trip you take to get away from it all. Come during the month of September with your closest confidante. Leave the stress behind and accept a low-maintenance weekend that doesn’t require a lot of planning or traveling as you retreat to the most charming neighborhood in Nashville. Rent a cozy home near the 12South District and let this street of friendly faces cater to you.

Grab a monkey mocha and breakfast at one of the most coveted coffee spots in Nashville. Frothy Monkey not only offers the best latte around, but also the most energetic atmosphere. It’s hard to leave here without an extra pep in your step. After getting your caffeine fix, head out for a morning of shopping. In direct contrast to one another, the two best fashion stops on the street are the rustic denim label imogene + willie and the polished feminine apparel at LEONA. Though the two may seem like polar opposites, they rival in originality and their attention to branding details. Equally as significant as the fashion boutiques are the lifestyle shops incorporated. White’s Mercantile and Cadeau stay consistent with the previous shopping suggestions as all four create a more unique and personal shopping experience for the customer.

For lunch, beef or pork? Burger Up for the former, or Edley’s for the latter, and you can’t go wrong. Vegetarian? Try Mafiaoza’s for a veggie slice. You will leave any of these establishments full, but not to worry for at the end of the street lies Sevier Park where you can rent a bike, throw the Frisbee, or just find a nice shady spot to take a nap. Once happy hour greets the day, relax out on the patio at Taproom and choose from their seemingly unlimited beer menu. For dinner, the newest addition to the neighborhood is your best option. Josephine balances delicious flavorful entrees with an intimate and gorgeous atmosphere to design the ideal indulgent night out. You will fall asleep fully relaxed and wondering why anyone would ever venture off of this all-encompassing street.

Whatever mood you’re in, pack your bags and let Nashville embrace you with her unforgettable escape.

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