Soft and slow
Falls the quiet evening snow
Setting my small world aglow
The earth is freshly white tonight
And all my soul is calm and right
Music, drifting, taking flight
Echoes now a sweet, sweet song
We wait and wish for all year long:

It’s quite simple really: we all belong
So love and let love find its way to your heart
Laughter and giving and living are art
We all need your gift, your talent, so start
That’s all there is to it
There’s not much else writ
On how to be happy or healthy or fit
It’s all from inside, doesn’t come from a store
If you want to be loved, just love some more
It’s not all about this old Christmas lore
For eggnog and cookies
And lights and trees
Are all really saying words like these:
Be loved
Be warm
Be merry
Be bright
Be home, in your heart,
This Christmas night.

Image via Indulgy


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