It can be easy to dread Valentine’s Day. The inevitable “R’s” — roses, relationships, and romantic dinners — can make it seem like it’s meant only for couples. I say no.

It isn’t a day exclusive to lovebirds, but rather a day to celebrate love in all its forms. If you don’t have a date lined up, it’s likely that your non-single friends will have plans, so take advantage of the time to celebrate with other single friends or enjoy a little downtime in self-care.

Here are my suggestions for a few cost-effective ways to celebrate:

Group Night In

Surround yourself with company and plan a potluck dinner. Throw some blankets and cushions on the floor, buy two bottles of red wine and ask your friends to bring snacks. If the weather permits, try dining al fresco, otherwise sitting cozily by a fireplace is just as fun.

Dive into a board game, or, if craving a more social scene, karaoke is always a good idea. Watching your friends embarrass themselves to 80s classics puts everyone in a good mood.

Group Night Out

An escape room is a great alternate group activity. Friends frantically work together to solve riddles in order to advance to the next room or level. The pressing factor is time. Each group has about an hour or so to solve the mystery. The pressure is ON. Escape rooms test your memory, team building skills and cleverness.

This activity doesn’t call for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day to have fun, but can be a great way to get old and new friends together.

Prices may vary depending on the “room” you select; admission is usually $20-25 per person.

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BFF Date

If you want to spend the evening with your fellow single best friend, why not celebrate at a concert? Check out a new indie group at an old historic bar. There may be a small coverage charge, if any.

Be sure to dance/cry night away at a venue that serves typical pub food. Nothing is more satisfying (or fun) then filling your gut with greasy pub food, while simultaneously feeding your soul with some good ol’ folk music.

Tip: Check your local city music venues (i.e. for Los Angeles: The Wiltern, El Rey) for shows. You and your friend will enjoy the spontaneity and as a plus, this is a great way to meet other music-oriented people.

Treat Yo’self

Nothing rejuvenates your mind and body more than hot yoga class. Visit Groupon or Classpass for special deals. A long hot bath with a new shower gel and classic Nora Jones tunes are sure to declutter your mind. Two of my Sephora favorites are Philosophy Living Grace Shampoo, Bath, & Shower Gel and Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash and Bubble Bath.

If you’re not the yogi type, then enroll in a hip hop or salsa class. Both classes are sure to be invigorate you, even if you have two left feet!

Tip: Visit your local city’s event calendar for a list of events and activities and special promotions.

Whatever you decide to do, whether it is dining with your closest friends or treating yourself to some much needed R&R, the important thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love in all its forms.

What are ways you make a holiday your own?

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  1. I love planning a Galentine’s party for my friends (single and not) a few days before or after Valentine’s day so that we can all celebrate love and friendship together. Is always a big hit! We eat together, play fun icebreaker games, and sometimes do a small craft.

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