‘Tis the season! … and all the overwhelming decisions that can accompany it. Whether you are in a new and budding relationship or things are finally starting to get serious, chances are that awkward-to-approach subject has crept up into one or both of your minds: whether or not to bring your significant other home for the holidays. Oye vey.

How do you know if you’re ready? How do you know if they’re ready? Better yet, how do you know if your family is ready? Allow Darling to help by presenting a few considerations for comfortable, cozy companionship at the holidays:

Are you the girl who cried boyfriend?

Have you been down this road before? Maybe a few 10 times before? If you have a history of bringing a new boyfriend home every holiday season, perhaps think this year through. Don’t downplay it, inviting someone home to meet your family is still as big of a deal today as ever before, and you want it to stay that way. You want your family to take your relationship seriously and thus give your boyfriend his due chance. Therefore, if you’ve made bringing a boy home your own holiday tradition, perhaps consider sitting this year out to make sure your man receives a fair shot at a later date.

Have you been considerate?

Have you spoken to your family before mentioning an invite to your significant other? This holds both practical and substantial weight. Practically, you want to make sure that your family has enough time to plan ahead in order to make your significant other feel welcomed (ie: a place at the dinner table). However, you also want to give your family a voice. Perhaps, this isn’t the best year for them to be entertaining guests — maybe they had a much different holiday in mind. Whatever the case, give them the opportunity to decide and, hopefully, the opportunity to get excited!

 Proper Preparation Prevents…

Awkward family moments! If you’ve gone ahead and extended the invitation, prepare your man for what he is about to walk into. Does he know the names of everybody he is about to meet? Will it be a small family gathering or a large one? Are there any family situations he should be privy to prior to meeting anyone? These are all important pieces of information he will need to ensure that he (and you!) are comfortable and confident around the dinner table.

He Cares, More Than You Know

Remember, meeting family is just as important to him as it is to you. A man wants to make the best impression he possibly can; especially if you are in a serious relationship. If that is the case, then he is also most likely considering that this could be his future extended family.  Even if things are a little shaky, remember his nerves. Give him grace.

Be Confident

If you’ve invited someone home, you’ve done so for a reason. You can be confident in the man that he is and be assured that he can hold his own. Trust that he is there because he loves you, and therefore wants to love your family well as an extension of you.

Image by Haley Sheffield via The Sweetest Occasion


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