The bravest thing one can do is to let go of what isn’t meant for them. Physically, mentally and spiritually. This act requires bravery because we’re inclined to stay safe in our comfort zones, but it is through stepping outside, into the bright and warm sun, that we grow. It may be dangerous, not knowing what will come next in our lives, but letting go is also liberating and thrilling. For it’s when we free ourselves of all that we think we are that we can step into who we’re really meant to become — into who we truly are on the inside.


Of course, it can be difficult to let go of something that we, at one point or another, thought was going to be a part of our lives forever. However, to momentarily pause and see ourselves from the outside, knowing that who we are is so much more than what we may have thought, gives us strength. When we feel our soul wanting to break free from the boundaries that we have built for ourselves, we know it is time — time to let go.

As women, we live our lives trying to care for others. Too often, we can go without realizing that we ourselves are not being cared for in the way we would care for those around us. It’s okay to love without expectation, but we should also be mindful of our own emotional health in the process. We deserve the kind of love that we give, and if we do not receive that love in return it may be time to take a step back, find the courage and determine whether or not a situation is truly honoring, respecting and valuing us.

We have abundant love around us, within us, and beyond us giving power. What is it that you feel isn’t completely meant for you? Is there something that you would speak louder, shine brighter or love bigger without? If so, know and trust that there is more to your story than what you might see at present. A woman, by nature, is brave. Her intuition tells her when something doesn’t fit, when something isn’t making her feel free and whole.

So let us gracefully and powerfully let go of what it is that isn’t serving or adding value to our lives. Let’s show our friends, family and future daughters that time is a treasure worth protecting and spending wisely. Those who do not handle our hearts with care or our souls with intention may not need all the energy we’ve been giving to them. Let us cherish each other and ourselves by constantly reminding one another of our worth and standing up for it in any and all circumstances.

You are brave.

Is there something in your life that you need to let go of today? How do you know when something isn’t right for you?

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  1. Thank you. This was encouraging for me. I have recently been let go from a job and am going through the grieving process. It is hard to let go when you’ve given much of yourself and dreamt of the future in a certain role. I am hoping and praying for what will come next.

  2. This is beautiful. It’s encouraging, strengthening, and refreshing. Thank you, thank you for helping me to remembering that I am important. I come first and what is most dear to my heart must be at the forefront of everything I do, and say.

  3. This is one of the best things I’ve recently read. As someone who is currently in a position where decisions are being made to ‘let go’ and try something new, this is very uplifting and encouraging to read!

  4. This is such a beautifully expressed and encouraging word. Many women struggle with over-extending themselves which results in self-neglect. Ironically, it is that circle which then leads us to no longer be able to care for those around us in the way we desire. It is not selfish to consider your own needs in addition to others. Caring for your own emotional, physical, and mental state is an empowering process of control and balance.

  5. letting go is one of the most powerful and influential things we can do. this post is truly inspiring and beautiful. really hits home for me especially because i am definitely in a situation feeling like there is more to my story than where i currently am. thank you for this beautiful write up!!

  6. Arianna,

    This message is perfect today. I quit a job today where I was very unhappy and not being challenged. It’s a frightening thing to step into journey that means you don’t know every piece of the puzzle. (Especially since I will now be a full time freelancer!) But that’s life anyway I guess :).
    Thanks for sharing your heart-it meant the world to read that today of all days.

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