Finding that little extra something to complete the nearly perfect outfit can be a frustrating fashion experience. From jewelry to ball caps, accessories are a peek inside a person’s personality, one of oldest being the enamel lapel pin.

Known for its history as an organization affiliate as well as its place in historic fashion movements like Punk and Mod, the enamel pin has transformed itself from a vintage accessory into a contemporary, unique piece that gives an outfit a little extra oomph.

To help those searching for a subtle addition to their wardrobe, these six Etsy shops feature one-of-a-kind enamel pin designs that fit any shopper’s personal aesthetic:

For the Nature Lover

For those who prefer to spend their free time in the great outdoors with nature hikes and camping, Little Paisley Designs offers a selection of adorable enamel pins featuring wildlife plants and creatures. Add a decorative mushroom or bumblebee pin to any nature look and get ready to head off into the wild.

For the Dogist

There’s nothing like showing true appreciation for (wo)man’s best friend than sporting one of Arf Social Club’s adorable enamel pins. Whether it’s an English Bulldog rocking a flower crown or an Italian Greyhound in a colorful turtleneck, these stylish pups are cute enough to drool over. 

For the Pop Culture Junkie

Brooklyn-based Etsy shop PopAesthete lives for the best of Pop Culture. Selling an assortment of up-to-date, trendy pins referencing viral memes as well as the funniest moments in television history, these contemporary accessories are sure fired conversation starters and perfect for inside jokes.

Image via Matheus Ferrero

For the Bookworm

There are few things in life more relaxing than settling in with a good read. To help ladies flaunt both their style and brains, company Literary Emporium offers a selection of classic literary-based pins from banned books to Gothic literature, perfect for any bibliophile.

For the Frugal Shopper

In need of the perfect pin but trying not to blow your budget? Minimalist shop feelingclingy not only features a wide variety of pin styles, but each one is only $7! Add an avocado or cactus to any look and pocket that leftover cash.

For the Conversationalist

For the women truly looking to make a statement, LA-based shop wordforwordfactory has a lot to say. With pins representing women, LGBTQ and more, these stylish yet strong accessories are best suited for women with strong voices that are ready to be heard.

Which one of the above best fits you?

Feature Image via Samuel Zeller


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