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For me, 2017 is the year of quality, not quantity. I went through my linen closet and purged the ugly, scratchy or pilling sheet sets and vowed to commit instead to three sets of quality bedding that would withstand years to come. I wanted to save up and buy nice products that I didn’t have to replace every year. At 34, I decided it was time that I liked my bed and felt luxurious getting into it. Just like cheap shoes vs. shoes I saved up for and LOVE, this was the same decision. I asked our Interiors Editor, Rachel Meadows, for a recommendation of a linen company that had sleek, beautiful designs and she sent me to AREA.

First, you must understand that I’ve been obsessed with all things Swedish for a very long time, and my home reflects that. When I landed on the AREA website, I was in heaven. I love female entrepreneurs, so did some research on their founder, Anki Spets. She started the company in 1990 because, in her own words, she felt that “there wasn’t much range in bedding and that ‘everything was traditional florals, frills and plaids…‘sleep’ in America was very different from in Scandinavia — it was frou-frou, formal, and somewhat pretentious. It was almost as if everyone were falling asleep hoping to awake as the lords and ladies of English manors.’” She realized that “there was not only an opportunity to bring new look to the home industry — but maybe more a relaxed style & comfort, modernizing people’s homes.”

Anki moved to New York and started the company that now purveys an array of bedding, pillows, throws, as well as furniture and other household items that has a longer life cycle and a broader use. Today, AREA has three retail stores and an online store, as well as independent retail customers across the country.

I designed my bed with three combinations of their linens below. Their bedding has incredibly original designs, unique color combinations, and crafted details — you’ll see that each product fits into a cohesive whole, creating continuity and endless possibilities for recombination. All of their products are made from natural fibers and the materials and factories are carefully chosen from around the world to ensure quality goods that last. I realized that while these linens were more expensive than my past choices, the blend of fabrics would last tons and tons of washes and would actually fit the bed like a glove — plus, I would finally love looking at my bed every day because it was beautiful.


Look No. 1

area 1area bedding side by side
Claire White sheets, cases and duvet with the Ellen Grey blanket and Euro pillow case and the Theo Blue throw

“I begin with colors, then move to materials, and then to patterns. In each collection, I look for balance. I always search for the right tone— reworking patterns, trying maybe three or four alternative color schemes, and always leaving room to edit. Sometimes I pick a color that’s not good on its own but works as a core—and build the collection out from it.  The challenge is to remain as open as possible while still making decisions throughout the design process.”- Anki

Look No. 2

area cat area taylor
Taylor Beige sheets and cases with the Camille Grey duvet, the Nina Slate blanket and the Vienna Grey throw and Euro pillow case

“I’m inspired, in some way, by just about everything I see…I turn to the natural world and art museums, and graze through fabric stores. And I naturally absorb lots of color and form from the Swedish landscape and seascape whenever I return. In a 1952 Herman Miller catalogue, George Nelson said the company’s designs were meant for ‘a permanent collection… in the sense that they will not be scrapped for each market or for each new trend.’ That concept really speaks to me. I always edit each collection with an eye towards being trend-resilient yet current.” – Anki

Look No. 3

side by side last bed
Pins Grey sheets and cases with the Kline Grey coverlet and Euro pillow case and the Sally Ivory throw.

“Everything about the aesthetics of my ‘60s childhood has been a big influence–from the Swedish modern architecture that surrounded me to what my mother was wearing. I enjoy not only ‘60s textiles, but many fabrics from the 1920s, moments of Art Nouveau and Art Deco.  I’m moved by the perfect balance and weight of Brancusi’s sculptures & Morandi’s paintings. And my fashion experience in Italy—I designed clothes & shoes—has helped temper my Scandinavian reserve and restraint with a touch of exuberance for craft, texture and sophistication.” – Anki

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How would you define the style of your bedroom?

Images via Emily Blake


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