We’re thrilled to give special attention to an exclusive feature appearing in Darling Issue No. 11. It centers around a very important question:

What is beauty?

It’s a question hitting close to heart of Darling. Which is why we were more than excited when New York based photographer Melanie Acevedo came to us wanting to explore how women, in every different life stage, from all different ethnic groups and backgrounds, felt about beauty. She wanted to photograph them in their element, under Darling’s no retouching policy and ask them poignant questions about beauty during the process. So we brought in our long-time contributor, beauty-writer and friend, Adrienne Sandvos into the mix to create the questions and curate the answers. The result of the collaboration was incredibly inspiring.

Watch the video below, then read the answers for yourself in more detail on page 130 of Issue No. 11:

Do you think beauty has a definition?

Photography and Directing by Melanie Acevedo


  1. This is such a sweetly simple video with a pure message: the individuality of beauty. It is both perceived and expressed in various ways by each person. But one thing seemed consistent. beauty may manifest itself on the outside, but it begins internally. The strongest indicator of beauty is a heart content.

    xx, leslie

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