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We’re back again with more helpful, natural health info from Chalkboard Mag. Today they’re sharing what it looks like to rummage in the fridge for more than just food, but healthy, healing ingredients for the outside of your body, too. 

JUST LIKE the food we eat, when it comes to our skin, we like to keep things simple. When we’re buying off the shelves, our motto is “the less ingredients the better.” And when we DIY it up, our step-by-step is usually short-and-sweet (the last thing we want after a long day is to spend hours on what should be self-care!).

Thanks to Deborah at Hello Natural, we’ve found the piece-de-resistance of DIY skin care – or should we say, ten of them. These all-natural, one-ingredient wonders prove that less is more, and use things you probably already have in your pantry or fridge …

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Using raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar and a cotton swab, this ingredient can be a peel to treat sun spots and pigmentation. Just leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water and you’ve just given yourself an exfoliating treatment.


The inside of the avocado skin that sits closest to the skin’s edge is full of rich nutrients and is the perfect choice for an anti-wrinkle eye treatment. Just mash it and apply to the orbital rim for 10-15 minutes. This ingredient can also work double duty as a scalp mask as well!


Honey is the sole ingredient for this anti-cellulite treatment. Just two teaspoons on your problem areas and use dry hands to drag the honey back and forth repeatedly. This 5-10 minute massage with increasing pressure will help force circulation to the area, bringing nutrients and oxygen with it.

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Adding a little bit of sea salt and gently rubbing it into your scalp can absorb excess oil and help add some volume to your hair.


Massaging plain whole milk into your skin is an exfoliating treatment that can help slough off dead skin cells and reveal fresh, new cells at the surface.


Try this as an easy and inexpensive eye makeup remover. All you’ll need is a cotton ball and some coconut oil. It will not only remove eye makeup, but will also coat and strengthen lashes.

Find additional uses for ingredients like champagne and aloe vera over here!

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  1. Great ideas. Thanks guys =) Also, we have very close friends who live at the sea and they always say that it is actually good to leave the sea salt in overnight after a swim in the sea. The hair feels great the next day after washing the salt out (at least my hair likes that “treatment”).

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