“When I am still, I sometimes can feel a gentle breeze blowing softly into my soul.”
-Larry Crabb

Can you remember the last time you were completely and utterly still? Besides the few hours of sleep you get every night, how much of your day is spent in silent stillness? No conversation, music, television or mobile device—just…quiet. We fill our days with so much vibrant life that often we forget to stop and just be. It is in these precious, still moments that we realize to simply exist is the greatest gift given to us, and that it can be the greatest gift we give to ourselves. It is in stillness that we discover our place in the world.

Be still and know that you are deeply loved just the way you are. Be still and know that your life has great purpose. And be still to know that sweet gentle breeze.


Photo credit: http://jesuisunlapin.tumblr.com/post/6144716870