A Note From The Editor: Though a daily yoga, pilates or ballet class is a great way to stay healthy, we’re well aware that schedules and finances can often prevent us from working out as often as we’d like. That’s why we’re so excited to be teaming up with barre3 to bring you a series of simple, do-at-home workouts to keep your body balanced and energized, no matter what time of day.

Morning | In The Kitchen
Start your day off with a short workout to boost your mood and energy levels! Founder of barre3, Sadie Lincoln, shows you how you can develop an toned upper body, strong core, and shapley legs right at your kitchen counter with these easy-to-follow, effective moves.

Want more barre3? Get exclusive access to additional online workouts and wholesome, energizing recipes by visiting www.barre3.com/redeem and entering the promo code: barre3Darling. Stay tuned for the next installments of afternoon and evening workouts to come!

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  1. Oh my God!! This is the best thing you could do! I love this workout and the promo code was just what I needed to better up my fitness game. Even without soundis perfect

  2. Thank you so much for making this so accessible! I’ve been wanting to try barre3, but didn’t have the money. It’s wonderful to get to try it.

  3. wonderful the studios for ballet and pilates are so far away and I can’t there for lessons this is perfect!

  4. Wow thanks for this! I’ve always wanted to take ballet classes but can’t afford to right now. I also love yoga and have tried pilates a few times as well and enjoyed it. Barre 3 is exactly what I was looking for!

  5. Does anyone else have issues with the sound? I can’t hear what she’s saying.

  6. I can’t get the promo code to work either. 🙁 I’m really excited to try these workouts! They look so beautiful.

  7. i’ve been a barre3 online subscriber for almost 2 years and it is fabulous! every workout {10, 30, 40 or 60 minutes} is detailed, fun, graceful and challenging ~ my body has changed and become smaller physically, of course, but i love that because of these routines it is also strong, balanced and focused. highly recommend! 🙂

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